Zelda Breath of the Wild is beautiful, but 16-bit is better

Zelda Breath of the Wild is beautiful, but 16-bit is better

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a fabulous game, which still today does not cease to thrill and excite the fans, who love to pay homage to it in the most disparate ways.

Nintendo’s open world masterpiece (which you can buy in quick delivery on Amazon ) has in fact left its mark unequivocally, waiting for the official sequel.

Breath of the Wild has in fact shown on several occasions to have an impressive attention to detail , although fans have now decided to go further.

Similar to what happened with Elden Ring a few weeks ago , Link’s adventure has in fact been transformed into a 16-bit game, to the delight of retrogaming lovers.

The user itzaspace has in fact shared on Reddit a truly unique and surprising creation , able to re-read the classic BOTW in a completely new way .

The author has in fact recreated the initial menu, but using a style and a graphic look that is reminiscent in all respects of some great classics released on Super Nintendo .

The final effect is that of a decidedly magical and retro Zelda , just like titles that have made history (such as Zelda A Link to the Past ). Just below, the final result in all its glory.

[OC] Zelda BotW title screen, reimagined for SNES. from zelda


Right now, there is still no real 16-bit re-edition of Zelda Breath of the Wild , perhaps to be played for free, although it cannot be ruled out that in the future someone may really make a nostalgic edition of the classic released years. ago on Switch and WiiU.

If you miss the lands of Hyrule, you can also take a look at the best moments of the adventure of Link repurposed in miniature .

But not only that: another great expansion mod for fans of the latest Zelda chapter was recently unveiled , called Doors of Doom .

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