Xbox Game Pass may soon be giving up on one of the most loved free games ever

Xbox Game Pass may soon be giving up on one of the most loved free games ever

The catalog of free games on Xbox Game Pass could be almost ready for a new goodbye in thickness , at least according to fans, which if confirmed would represent a decidedly considerable loss for all subscribers.

In fact, we remind you that the free third-party games included on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ( which you find at a discount on Amazon ) are not available forever, but are usually entered with an agreement that usually lasts about a year , although in some cases it may last for a shorter or longer period of time .

Having therefore already unveiled the next 5 free games that will leave the service in August , fans have already begun to investigate what could be the titles to which we should be able to say goodbye at the end of the month, theorising that soon it may be necessary to give up one of the most loved games ever.

We are of course talking about Hades : as reported by Game Rant , Supergiant Games’ roguelike dungeon crawler was in fact introduced into the service in August 2021.

Considering that it was not one of the games announced for the middle of the month, many fans have begun to theorize that Hades could be part of the usual second wave of goodbyes of the month: if the hypotheses of the fans were confirmed, it would therefore no longer be possible to play it for free . starting from August 31st.

However, it is worth pointing out that no official announcement has yet arrived in this regard neither from the Xbox group nor from the developers themselves: we, therefore, do not know what the actual duration of the agreement is and if the title will really leave in the coming days.

Furthermore, a possible removal would not prevent Xbox from being able to eventually renew the partnership in the future, as happened recently with the first chapters of Yakuza, which returned to the catalog only in recent weeks.

We, therefore, invite you to take this news with due precautions pending further confirmation: we will probably know if Hades is destined to leave Xbox Game Pass only after August 15th. In the meantime, our advice is certainly to recover one of the best games of this generation as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you could take the opportunity to take a look at the new free games available: starting today you can download 2 new titles for free on the catalog.

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