Witcher 4 release date speculation

Witcher 4 release date speculation: The Witcher 4 is currently being developed by CD Projekt RED under the codename Polaris, alongside Canis Majora and Sirius, two spin-off games set in the same universe.

Do you want to know when The Witcher 4 will be released? In March 2022, CD Projekt RED issued a press release confirming the existence of a new game in The Witcher series. Since then, we’ve learned that the upcoming game will be the first in a new trilogy, though it’s unclear whether it will follow the characters and events of the previous open-world games. While it’s safe to assume that this new entry in the series will not be called The Witcher 4, we’ll call it that for the time being due to a lack of a better, more official name.

Along with Polaris, we can expect two other titles set in The Witcher universe, though these will be spin-offs rather than sequels to the new trilogy. The first is known as Canis Majoris and the second is Sirius. Continue reading to learn everything we currently know about The Witcher 4, as well as the upcoming games that will further expand The Witcher universe.

The Witcher 4 release date speculation

There is no confirmed release date for a new Witcher game as of this writing. Given how long it took for Cyberpunk 2077 to be released, we could be in for a long wait. Our best guess is that we’ll have to wait until at least 2025.

Meanwhile, The Witcher Remake is a separate project being developed by Fool’s Theory under the supervision of CD Projekt Red.

The Witcher 4 Unreal Engine 5

According to a press release from CD Projekt RED, the new The Witcher game will use Unreal Engine 5, rather than the studio’s own proprietary REDengine, which has been used for all previous games.

This is part of a “multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games,” which includes assisting Epic in “tailoring the engine for open-world experiences, beginning with the development of The Witcher franchise’s next game.”

Take what you will from that, but it does not appear to indicate that The Witcher 4 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, as confirmed by this tweet:

The Witcher 4 news

Aside from confirming that the medallion in the teaser is indeed a lynx, as a nod to the School of the Lynx, all we really had before this announcement was a business strategy report from 2021. The studio announced plans to begin “parallel triple-A development” in 2022, focusing on their “two core franchises,” The Witcher and Cyberpunk.

In the report, Micha Nowakowski, SVP of business development, says, “We’ll wait until much closer to our game’s launch before we start showing things like trailers, demos, or going in depth about mechanics.”

CD Projekt Red previously revealed plans to incorporate “online experiences” into the next Witcher game, though joint CEO Adam Kiciski is clear that the studio’s focus on making “single-player, story-driven triple-A RPGs” will not change, and that the online technology they’re currently developing will be “seamlessly integrated.”

Canis Majoris and Sirius

Canis Majoris and Sirius are codenames for two upcoming titles set in the world of The Witcher. Canis Majoris is described as a “full-fledged Witcher game” by CD Projekt RED, and it was revealed to be a remake of the first Witcher game.

While we don’t know much else about Sirius, CD Projekt RED has confirmed that it’s being developed by The Molasses Flood, the studio behind the roguelike survival game The Flame in the Flood, and co-op survival game Drake Hollow. We’d guess that survival might be the goal of the game in Sirius, but that’s just speculation. Regardless, CD Projekt RED claims Sirius “will be different from our previous productions, offering multiplayer gameplay on top of a single-player experience including a campaign with multiple endings.”

There isn’t much more The Witcher 4 news to report, so let’s concentrate on the good. We may not have seen the end of The Witcher 3’s protagonist, Geralt, despite what we were told before the game’s release. “We’re not going to kill the world and walk away from it,” Iwinski told Polygon during a 2013 tech demo, “but we’ll definitely want to make this game the big finale.” “We might even include Geralt in later games, potentially,” he teased. Any additional White Wolf is a win in our book.

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