Why won’t Joel be able to crawl in The Last of Us – Part I? Naughty Dog answers

Why won’t Joel be able to crawl in The Last of Us – Part I? Naughty Dog answers

There are two aspects in particular that are causing a lot of discussion for players waiting for The Last of Us – Part I , the remake of the original The Last of Us (2013) which will arrive next September 2nd on PlayStation 5 .

The first is the fact that Joel, unlike Ellie, will not have the ability to dodge opponents’ blows. A choice probably due to the different physical constitution of the two protagonists, with Joel much more static and heavier than a very fast Ellie and who could turn you around at the speed of light – as we all know.

The other hotly debated issue is the fact that it won’t be possible to get Joel prone to hide and crawl forward . Again, this is a feature that was instead present in Part II and that many players, given that there was talk of gameplay mechanics borrowed from the second episode of the saga, expected to see.


In recent days, Naughty Dog has talked about several of the innovations that the game will introduce, including technical improvements, the workbench and many options for accessibility, but the discontent of some players for the absence of dodging and the prone position remains .

So, interacting with some fans on his Twitter profile , senior environment texture artist Jonathan Benainous explained why Naughty Dog decided to keep the prone position out of The Last of Us – Part I gameplay :

“The prone position would have simply broken gameplay and combat space , since it wasn’t built with that in mind originally.”

Basically, allowing Joel to lie prone and crawl away would have broken some gameplay sequences and apparently some fighting moments.

People complain about gameplay by watching a video but nobody actually had their hand on the controller. Having played both, there is no comparison between PS3 & PS5.
And the prone, would have simply broken the gameplay and the combat space as it wasn’t built this way originally.

Jonathan BENAINOUS (@JonathanBenaino) July 23, 2022

The frustrated artist also pointed out that we are talking about another case in which “people complain about the gameplay watching a video, but no one has really held the controller in hand” .

In any case – as it was not difficult to imagine – this explanation has bothered users even more, since according to several comments it highlights how the rehash work was not as significant as the marketing around the game would claim, while it continues to bounce. between remaster and remake.

“Then expand the combat space,” writes one player. “But that would require them to rebuild the game and not just say they did it as a marketing strategy,” another annoyed replies.

“This is a $ 70 remake, it’s more expensive than many newly released games. The least that could have been expected was that the developers would redesign the levels to implement these new features » writes another.

The price of the game is indeed the crux of contention, being offered at 80 euros (as evidenced by the pre-order on Amazon ) – the highest possible full price for next-generation products.

However, if someone said they understood the reasons behind cutting the prone position from Part II , someone else pointed out that “going prone was not a necessity, but I think leaving dodging out is a mistake. There is no way that could break the gameplay » .

The explanations, in short, for now have not calmed the waters around these two exclusions – even if we know that the climate around The Last of Us , for at least two years now, has always been quite heated .


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