Why does Sephiroth appear first in FF7 Remake? Square Enix responds

Why does Sephiroth appear first in FF7 Remake? Square Enix responds

Final Fantasy VII Remake has changed a lot of things about the original PlayStation adventure, and among the new features is the role of Sephiroth, his weight in the early stages of the adventure.

The title released on PS4, but also PS5 via Amazon , has renewed the narrative formula of the original Final Fantasy VII in a clear way.

A change that will also continue in Rebirth , the second part of the franchise’s rebuilding project, which was shown recently .

Although, as confirmed by Square Enix , it will not be necessary to have played Final Fantasy VII Remake to be able to appreciate its sequel.

Among the most important innovations of the remake of the legendary title for PlayStation is the fact that Sephiroth appears very early, already in the initial stages .

But also in the final stages, when he even becomes the final boss of the game.

It’s definitely a way to give Sephiroth the right build as an antagonist , and provide players with a more complete view of the character even just playing FF7 Remake.

But why does the beloved villain appear so early in the game? The official answer comes directly from Square Enix, during a recent interview .

The answer comes from the co-director of the design scenario Motomu Toriyama , who explains how the early arrival of Sephiroth serves to show “his influence in the world” more clearly:

“It was intended to show the effect a, most likely fictional, Sephiroth had on Cloud’s mind at an early stage. But his early appearance was also to show how his existence had a huge influence on the world of Remake itself. “

A very interesting answer, especially for hardcore fans who will be able to begin to theorize what Sephiroth’s real influence was in the world.

Kind of like the fan who thought he found a big secret after the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth … only to find out it was just the broken TV .

For Sephiroth fans , however, here is the object of desire that cannot be missing in your collection.


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