What Sony showed at State of Play: new Resident Evil, Spider-Man on PC and chic horror The Callisto Protocol

What Sony showed at State of Play: new Resident Evil, Spider-Man on PC and chic horror The Callisto Protocol

Backstory : Roof-ripping scatter of hits. What will be shown at the summer gaming conferences?
On the night of June 2-3, Sony held a State of Play and opened a series of Summer Game Fest events. It got off to a good start: the company delivered many long-awaited hits and even made PC gamers beam with happiness. If you missed the presentation, don’t worry – in this article we have collected everything that was at the State of Play!

Resident Evil 4: The Return of a Legend

Rumors about a remake of Resident Evil 4 have been circulating for several years – after all, we are talking about a revolutionary game in which the great Shinji Mikami reinvented the series. Of course, longtime Resident Evil fans still can’t get over the action and QTE, but the atmosphere, staging, and gameplay in 2005 were blown away.

In general, the fourth part is still playing well today – the last time I played it was in 2019 and had a lot of fun. However, the textures, the quality of the models, the inability to move when aiming, too hardcore QTE battles and an annoying partner still made us dream of a full-fledged remake.

Curiously, the visuals of Resident Evil 4 are now even more reminiscent of a suitable Village . The feeling that the developers played with the tones and made the color scheme colder – and the interiors of the rustic premises in the two games are not very different.

It is also worth noting that even in the trailer, the quality of the textures varies. Basically, the picture in terms of performance looks like a chic Resident Evil 2 , however, some objects seem to be copied from the re-release of the four on the PlayStation 4. Let’s hope that the shortcomings will be corrected by the release.

In addition to updating the visuals, Capcom promises to finalize the story, make the defenseless Ashley not so annoying, and upgrade the gameplay mechanics. The release is scheduled for March 24, 2023 – it will be possible to evaluate the game on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Spiderman. Now on PC


Sony continues to release its once-exclusives on PC. God of War , Horizon Zero Dawn , Days Gone and other hits have already been released on Steam , and now it ‘s Spider-Man ‘s turn . From August 12, PC owners will be able to fly around New York on the web, fight Electro, Octavius ​​and other villains, as well as help MJ out of trouble.

State of Play kept silent about this, but Spider-Man: Miles Morales will also be released on PC. The release is scheduled for autumn.

Stray. Fluffy cat in the cruel world of the future
In Stray , gamers have to play as a cat who lost his family and landed in a dangerous futuristic city. Robots roam the streets, and the sewers are filled with cyber mice – all these creatures will rush to catch the cat as soon as they notice it. What’s going on in the city? How to get out? Where is the way home? This is what we have to figure out.

The gameplay is about a stealth game, where the animal must not catch the eye, hide in the urns and deftly jump on the platforms. However, if you meet a bowl of milk on the way, you should take a break and refresh yourself.

The Callisto Protocol. A worthy replacement for Dead Space

The Callisto Protocol is being developed by Dead Space series author Glen Schofield. Since the announcement, gamers have been promised an atmosphere and brutality that will remind you of the adventures of Isaac – judging by the new trailer, the authors did not throw words to the wind.


The protagonist of The Callisto Protocol is a prisoner on a spaceship who has landed in a nightmare bind. Not only do the guards brutally abuse the captives, but also the ship crashes on a planet overflowing with creatures. To get out, the character will have to go through many nightmares, find weapons and deftly shoot off the monsters’ limbs.

Visuals, animations, horror, atmosphere – with these points, the game is doing great. No wonder we included it in the list of the most anticipated projects of the year. It will be possible to verify the quality of The Callisto Protocol already on December 2.

Rollerdrome. Rollerblade shooter
The developers at Roll7 are known for their love of speed and stunts. Not so long ago, they released an excellent OlliOlli World , where the hero rides around the world on a skateboard and performs impressive pirouettes. This time, the authors moved the action to full 3D, pulled rollers over the character and even gave him a couple of guns.

Evenings. Japanese action RPG about monsters and love
Eternights is reminiscent of a typical Japanese post-apocalyptic game. According to the plot, the world was struck by a mysterious disease that turns people into evil mutants. The hero escaped this fate, but lost his arm – fortunately, now the energy sword is in place of the limb. It is this weapon that will help save the world.

The structure of Eternights resembles the Persona series, where action alternates with peaceful episodes. The hero of the new game will also live a normal life and even be able to build a romantic relationship. Whether it will be interesting to do this, we will find out in 2023.

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