Werewolves arrive in The Sims 4, but don’t give them the bad moon

Werewolves arrive in The Sims 4, but don’t give them the bad moon

It was 2014 when The Sims 4 officially made its debut, then arriving in 2017 also on consoles. The home life simulator Electronic Arts , since then, has seen a lot of additional content debut, which have introduced the most bizarre experiences you can think of into the life of the Sims.

From the possibility of actually going to work (and this is not crazy, to tell the truth) to that of transforming into vampires, or dedicating oneself to bucolic country life , or leaving for a distant galaxy far from the flavor of Star Wars : Our Sims did not miss anything and are now ready to transform into Werewolves too .

Precisely this is the name of the next Game Pack coming to the game ( which you can find on Amazon ), which for the canonical 19.99 euros will allow players to add further spice to the daily life of their alter egos.

What does this new Game Pack offer, out on June 16? Electronic Arts explained it to us directly during a presentation behind closed doors in which we participated in the past few days.

Are you a werewolf? Yes, but nothing serious
Let’s get our hands on immediately: even if werewolves have that threatening aspect of theirs and those claws with which they could easily overturn the connotations, the atmosphere of The Sims 4 does not change, not even with this Game Pack. The game always remains suspended in its slightly cartoonish aura and devoted to lightness, so even the werewolves will be adapted to the style of The Sims 4 – moreover, in a quite pleasant way.

First of all, a new area entirely dedicated to werewolves will be added, where there will be lore to discover about how this phenomenon is occurring and what triggered it.

This, needless to say, is joined by new items for Create a Sim (including the debut of scars), where you can decide to create both your human aspect and the feral one. Emphasis is placed on the fact that many items of clothing will be wearable by any Sim , regardless of their biological sex – a possibility that EA has said it particularly cares about.

There is also space for new furnishings to be used in the Build mode , with the style that – the art director explained – wanted to look at nature, with therefore many raw objects made with materials such as wood, particularly rustic.

For the little we have seen, the whole thing is certainly quite pleasing to the eye, and the big werewolves with their colored furry coats seem to have just escaped some animated film that does not take itself too seriously.

“Full moon is on the sky and he is not a man anymore”
Sonata Arctica sang that, when the full moon headed in the sky, in their “Full Moon”, the protagonist of the song was no longer to be considered a man and was frightened by his own transformation. Our Sims will fare a little better, but they too will be affected by the moon .

With this Game Pack, in fact, the game adds the lunar cycles and you can keep an eye on them, aware that these will have an active effect on your ability to transform into werewolves.

There are actually two ways to enter the feral host: the first is to be born with this characteristic, the second is to be bitten by another wolf . At that point, a process will begin that will lead to transformation – unless blocked first.

A Sim who has the ability to transform into a werewolf may or may not control their ability . This means that he could also transform out of the blue, scaring everyone, in some contexts. In this regard, EA has introduced an indicator of the level of Fury , influenced by different behaviors depending on your personality: when the measure is full, there will be the transformation and only really experienced werewolves will be able to implement it without sending everyone in the panic.

The game will allow you to face a real werewolf path, to the point that there are different ages in the wolf’s life stages , which you can experience (puppy, adult and so on). Seniority allows you to have greater control of your skills – perhaps avoiding more easily ending up biting another wolf – and this is rendered by The Sims 4 through a system of points and skills to accumulate , like in a game of role.

This feature, similar to those seen in previous packages, allows you to have some passive skills that are unlocked by doing things in-game, and other active ones that you can decide to use at your leisure.

The developers also pointed out that one skill that can be unlocked is one where you can transform freely , rather than waiting for the moon to be high or for something to make you mad (literally). We are pretty sure it will be one of the hottest skills among players.

In addition, the werewolf trait also allows you to have unique interactions with other Sims and to choose whether to join a pack or be a lone wolf .

In the first case, the functioning is similar to that of the “guilds” we saw in the Star Wars themed expansion : different packs will have different requirements to respect and, if you were to break their moral code (for example, being violent when a pack deny violence) you could be badly expelled.

The advantages of joining a pack can be different: beyond the fact that a werewolf needs to eat a lot, you could for example use the shelters of the pack you have joined, in their neighborhood, to get comfortable without having to spend to find accommodation.


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