We spent 100 hours playing eFootball after the patch. The game is not as bad as you might think, but Konami is trying hard to finally drive it to the grave

We spent 100 hours playing eFootball after the patch. The game is not as bad as you might think, but Konami is trying hard to finally drive it to the grave


For fans of virtual football now dark times have come. In fact, the only franchise in the genre that could shamelessly be called a “simulator” (let’s be honest, FIFA is, nevertheless, a bright arcade game), was ruined by its own publisher. And for what? Instead of the next part of Pro Evolution Soccer last fall, we received a free, but barely working alpha version with ugly graphics, monstrous physics, a lot of bugs, unstable online and an almost complete absence of content familiar to footsims under the ridiculous name eFootball.

f you have decided by the title that we have completely lost our minds, then we hasten to explain ourselves. It’s really playable. Is free. No donation. And without any fierce restrictions that we are used to seeing in free-to-play projects. Especially from Japan. Moreover, from the game that only the lazy did not kick, it is quite possible to enjoy. Although they will actively interfere with you. You will constantly encounter strange game design decisions and elements that will make you want to grab your head and scream: “ How did they even come up with such a game! “.

Problems with eFootball today are a wagon and a small cart. And some of them will never be solved, it seems. But somewhere under this heap of rubbish hid moderately competent and exciting online footsim. Which still seems to be in beta. And who, apparently, has no future.

Before joining the lynch mob, let’s see what the developers still managed to do. Matches feel quite nice, and many times better than last year’s free-to-play Fifa Online 4 . Physics and realism, of course, took a step back. At this stage, abandoning Kojima’s Fox Engine in favor of the Unreal engine seems like an ambiguous decision: the developers have clearly not fully mastered the game’s new software foundation. No, such madness as in the autumn version, where the players ran around the field in the style of Naruto with limbs fluttering freely in the wind , is no longer seen in eFootball 1.0.0 . But ridiculous situations on the field happen from time to time.

That the goalkeeper misses the ball or drops it from his hands in a harmless situation. That passes go unknown where for no apparent reason. Then your wards are turned off from the fight at the most crucial moment. Refereeing as it was, and remains inadequate. But more often everything works as it should, rather than vice versa, and there are still more opportunities to play interesting combination football here than in the same FIFA .

Although there are several sticks stuck in the gameplay wheels at once. The tactical component was fiercely rendered: instead of fine-tuning the behavior of the players in each game situation, there are only five presets that cannot be changed in any way.

And if you choose as your main tactic, say, “ball control” with short filigree passes and unexpected attacks, then your line of defense will always be pushed forward. Which is just monstrous, given that most opponents attack runners and spam long throws behind your defenders.

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