Warzone Mobile, leak reveals the gameplay and looks really promising

Warzone Mobile, leak reveals the gameplay and looks really promising

Warzone Mobile is the inevitable portable version of the battle royale phenomenon linked to Call of Duty , which has been talked about a lot but is still in the shadows.

Considering how much the battle royale is played and loved (you can also find it on Amazon ) by shooters fans, it was reasonable to think that it could also arrive on smartphones and tablets.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile was announced a few months ago after as many months of rumors and rumors, which have found confirmation .

The porting is still in a non-definitive phase, so much so that Activision has inaugurated a closed beta with very restricted inputs.Or at least not so narrow since, as VGC reports , some videos have appeared on the net showing Warzone Mobile in action.

As of this writing, some of these videos have already been removed – a sign that they are true – and one has survived for the time being.

Warzone Mobile uses the Verdansk map originally present in the console and PC version of the battle royale, so as to give continuity with the primary product.

Following, moreover, a resounding success that saw the title attract over 100 million players in 13 months . With the mobile version, Activision wants to expand the strength of the franchise even further, as stated on the occasion of the announcement:

“Our mission with Project Aurora, the code name of our new mobile title, is to bring together friends, families and people from all over the world into a global community of diverse players with fast, accurate and high-quality battle royale. experience that offers a new way to play. “

Who knows if it will help to raise the situation of Warzone which, although it is far from the crisis, has nevertheless undergone a major shock in recent times.

The new main Warzone will still be a revolution for fans and, since we are on the subject of leaks, even in this case we have already seen something: the new complete map .

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