Vivi from Final Fantasy IX is now in Elden Ring, more or less

Vivi from Final Fantasy IX is now in Elden Ring, more or less

Final Fantasy IX is one of the most fascinating chapters of the Square Enix JRPG saga ever, so much so that fans continue to pay homage to it in the most disparate ways, even within games like Elden Ring .

The soulslike (of which you can buy the Launch Edition with fast delivery on Amazon ) has in fact been targeted by fans with mods and giveaways of various kinds, some of which are really surprising.

Just think of the one able to include in the game a legendary icon like Darth Vader, directly from the Star Wars saga.

Or the fan who has decided to graft Link from The Legend of Zelda into the FromSoftware game, for a truly exciting result . Now, however, it has been decided to go even further, creating from scratch one of the most beloved Final Fantasy characters of all time (or at least, a version of him in souls sauce).

The user of Reddit telllum has decided to create the iconic character of the Final Fantasy saga , based on the appearance of the classic Black Mage made famous above all thanks to the wizard Vivi appeared in the ninth chapter.

While (obviously) there are some differences between the original Black Mage and the telllum version, the user has captured most of the character’s basic features, such as the distinctive pointy hat and the wizard’s glowing eyes.

Just below, other images of the final result.

Meanwhile, the Reddit post has received positive feedback from the community, as evidenced by the more than 1,500 upvotes and numerous encouraging (and nostalgic) comments.

Many users have in fact admired the unique dress chosen by telllum for its Black Mage.

Staying on the subject, a physical role-playing game by Elden Ring is on the way, as confirmed a few days ago by Bandai Namco and Kadokawa .

But not only that: we have seen everything in From souls, but the random name generator was hard to imagine and is perfect, the way it is .

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