Victoria 3: Speculation, Release date, Beta, and Everything

Victoria 3: There isn’t much information available right now, but everything we do know about Victoria 3 is available here.

We are overjoyed that Victoria 3 is a reality; however, we will need to find a new meme. Although it is not the most well-known historical period, Paradox Interactive’s ‘Victoria’ series of grand strategy games manage to capture the era’s nascent romanticism. The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw seismic shifts in politics, international diplomacy, and social welfare.

Monarchies became the exception rather than the rule during this period. An era of unprecedented suffrage and voting rights, as well as massive economic changes, brought about by the rapid industrialization of the global economy. Victoria 3 will attempt to capture all of this in a strategy game that will incorporate all of the lessons learned in the decade since Victoria 2 was first released.

Since Victoria 3 has now been announced, we’re launching one of our standard information guides to help keep track of things like known release dates, betas, pre-orders, and anything else that may be relevant.

Victoria 3 release date

The Victoria 3 release date has been officially announced by dox as October 25, 2022.

Victoria 2 beta

There is currently no information available about a Victoria 3 beta. The official FAQ states that there is no public beta “right now,” but that you should continue to follow official channels and that Paradox will “keep us updated.”

This could imply that a public beta will appear eventually, but there isn’t much to go on either way.


While the full campaign map has yet to be revealed, there have been numerous snapshots made available through various sources. One Reddit user has compiled the various snippets into an approximation of the big campaign map as it currently stands.

A zoomed-out version of the map from an angle is also available in the ‘Art of Victoria 3’ PDF, which is linked below.

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