Valorant will start spying on your conversations, but there is a reason

Valorant will start spying on your conversations, but there is a reason


Valorant has remained, from launch until today, one of the most played titles in the world of competitive shooter, and this means that there are many active players every day.

Combined with the fact that it is a free to play title , with aesthetic microtransactions that can be purchased through vouchers you find on Amazon , it always makes the game very popular .

On the other hand, together with League of Legends , the titles of the US software house often have the ability to become cultural phenomena .

Despite this, Riot Games did not give in to inserting NFT into Valorant , although for a moment she was tempted to do so .

Online video games, especially if they are free to play, become platforms with millions of players, and this often leads to having to relate to many types of people.

When it goes well, teammates are cooperative and pleasant, but when it goes wrong you risk spending an entire game being harassed by players who, perhaps, would need therapy.

For this reason, as reported by The Gamer , Riot Games has decided to start “spying” on voice communications , to analyze them.

While Valorant ‘s recordings will be used over the next few weeks to help train Riot Games’ language models, the ultimate goal is to gather clear evidence that could verify any behavioral policy violations.

A tool that will serve to support the reports of players who find themselves subjected to verbal insults and harassment .

The program is expected to be rolled out in the US and Canada only for now, starting July 13 on a trial basis. It is unclear if, and when, this tool will be fully implemented:

“This is brand new technology and there are sure to be growing problems. But the promise of a safer and more inclusive environment for all who choose to gamble is worth the effort. “

Valorant is here to stay , and Riot Games has no plans to let the game end up being unlivable. Also because, half-mouthed, the developers would also like to see a TV series about the game.

All in a moment of rebirth for the company, which finally puts the many accusations behind it and also recovers a healthier workplace.

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