US wants to force Apple to switch to USB-C

US wants to force Apple to switch to USB-C

In early June, the European Union approved a single connector for gadgets – USB-C. All smartphones, e-readers, handheld consoles and other devices released after the summer of 2024 are required to have this universal connector. Now the United States is following this path.

US senators published a letter to the US Department of Commerce stating that this approach will reduce e-waste and help consumers. The authors of the letter noted that the EU acted wisely by introducing a single standard. In the States, in their opinion, the same should be done.

Thus, Apple may lose significant income, because earlier the certification of chargers with a Lightning connector brought good money. But now, according to insiders, iPhones with USB-C will go on sale in 2023.

On the other hand, now the US and EU authorities will have to ensure that the USB-C standard is replaced in time with something new when it becomes obsolete.

Europe is moving to a single charging standard for all electronics – USB-C. This is a historic decision.
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