UFL, the rival of FIFA and eFootball returns in a new video (bugs included)

UFL, the rival of FIFA and eFootball returns in a new video (bugs included)


Football video games continue to never go out of style, as now it’s the turn of a new, short UFL movie .

After the latest FIFA (find the most recent release of his game on Amazon ) and the news related to eFootball , there is certainly a lot to discuss.

While EA Sports FC has become official with the search for new partners for the future of the historic brand in the world of video games, we must also not forget the “illegitimate children”.

So while eFootball is straightening the shot too , UFL is back in a video that showcases some quirks, including some really hilarious bugs .

Via Twitter , the developers have in fact published a video of the game that leaves very little room for the imagination: the clip, instead of being artfully made, also shows some obvious defects of the game .

The social audience, of course, wasted no time, starting to tease the developers good-naturedly for their transparency, especially for the desire to show a game without filters and with all the related problems.

Just below, you can see for yourself the latest UFL video .

For example, it is impossible not to pay attention to some players who literally fly around the field , suggesting that there is still a lot of work to be done before putting a modino game into circulation.

In any case, remember that another official UFL Ambassador was also unveiled several weeks ago , demonstrating that the new simulator certainly does not want to be caught unprepared.

But not only that: our Stefania Sperandio spoke clearly to us about the new football games UFL and GOALS , which “have it to death with FIFA and FUT, but they are their children” .

Finally, while waiting to learn more about this new football title, you can always take a look at the teams that have already confirmed so far (and they are quite a lot).

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