Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands review. Crazed fantasy-style Borderlands – but should normal people play this?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands review. Crazed fantasy-style Borderlands – but should normal people play this?

Recently released Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands , a spin-off of the popular Borderlands series. This time the Seekers will explore a fantasy world with unicorns, goblins, trolls and other magical creatures. But did the developers manage to successfully implement the idea? I passed the novelty and I hasten to share my impressions!

What is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

The increased degree of insanity has always been a feature of Borderlands. Only here you can find a quest where a rabid raider asks to shoot him in the face – while the additional conditions of the task are: “do not hit the arm, leg or chest.” This is not an isolated example, because the hero is constantly asked to do something mind-blowing.


The main personification of madness was Tiny Tina. This is such a traveled girl that you would not wish to meet her and the enemy. In one of the quests, she asks for a tea party to drag a raider into her lair. Here are just a feast made in the manner of “Alice in Wonderland”, and Tina herself takes the role of the Hatter. The raider was definitely jealous of his colleague, who was simply scammed in the head.

Thanks to the script image and the chic acting of Ashly Burch, Tina has become almost the main star of Borderlands. Unsurprisingly, she got Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep , and now her own spin-off .

This time, the developers decided to send the heroes to a fantasy world and play them against various evil spirits. Well, Tiny Tina should fill the adventure with signature craziness. But what actually happened? Well, there are questions about Wonderlands, but in general, the adventure turned out to be gorgeous.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands plot

In the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep add-on, Tina brought the Seekers together for a get-together with the board game “Bunkers and the Reckless”. This is the name of the local version of Dungeons and Dragons. The heroes came up with characters and went to fight evil in a story that Tina came up with. The crazy girl took the role of a master, funny commented on what was happening and often struck with inadequacy. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands continues the DLC idea.

According to the plot, three poor fellows crashed the ship and ended up in the lair of Tiny Tina, who spent an unknown amount of time alone. The company has no options to get out, so they decide to pass the time at the desktop. Tina once again takes on the role of a master and prepares to lead the heroes through another crazy story.

The script sends the characters to a fantasy world ruled by a unicorn queen named Asshole. Alas, the insidious madman the Dragonlord constantly interferes with the general welfare. The heroes have managed to thwart his plans more than once, but now the antagonist is clearly up to something terrible.

The trick is that the Dragonlord realized that he was the villain of a fictional story. Now he regularly breaks through the fourth wall, does atrocities that make even Tina’s hair stand on end, and consults with the character how to spoil him even more. Among the proposed options is the traditional murder of a mentor.

In general, there is nothing unusual in the plot, but the presentation turned out to be talented. The number of moments from which you want to laugh out loud goes off scale – for example, from how wild, ridiculous and absurd the Wonderlands treated the ocean, you can burn forever.

The writers ridicule fantasy clichés, give-and-take quests, Dungeons & Dragons players and much more at every turn. Of course, humor cannot be called subtle – they often joke rudely and head-on. However, this does not interfere with the story.

There are two main claims to history. Let Tina’s party get out of control, and the villain is unusual, what is happening does not become serious. Wonderlands is a game within a game and you never forget that.

If Borderlands 2 could shock with Jack’s unexpected murders and atrocities, then in Tina’s story, this is not taken seriously. The dragon lord can also unexpectedly cut off the head of an important plot character, but in the framework of the board game, this is not as impressive as in reality.


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