The Witcher, CD Projekt working on a new spin-off? There is a clue

The Witcher, CD Projekt working on a new spin-off? There is a clue


The Witcher franchise is undoubtedly one of the strongest properties of CD Projekt: it is one of the most loved IPs and with the greatest potential for expansion which, according to what has been learned from the latest rumors, could soon welcome a new chapter in multiplayer.

Although the development studio has been appreciated for its single-player campaigns, with a particular focus on The Witcher 3 (you can retrieve the GOTY edition with fast delivery on Amazon ), it seems that the famous development studio may have in mind the launch of a new spin-off , therefore disconnected from what will be the new main episode in Unreal Engine 5.

Taking care of the project would be The Molasses Flood , the studio acquired by CD Projekt last year and which has already announced that it is working on one of their universes.

The Polish studio had already admitted that it wanted to open the doors to multiplayer for the Cyberpunk and The Witcher franchises , but that it would be a gradual process .

As reported by Game Rant , CD Projekt Red has published a new job offer relating to the Molasses Flood project, confirming that it is an ” ambitious project ” based on one of its IPs : although there is no official confirmation, many fans are ready to bet that this is a new chapter dedicated to The Witcher .

A multiplayer update for C yberpunk 2077 had in fact already been previously announced, thus making it increasingly likely that the mysterious spin-off is set in the universe of Geralt.

The figure in question will be a multiplayer designer and will have the task of creating ” engaging gameplay features in multiplayer, modes and scenarios “, devising not only the concept but also the actual implementation.

If the hypothesis of a standalone multiplayer chapter of The Witcher were confirmed, it would certainly be a strategy that would make sense for the trust of users: the next main episode, edited directly by CD Projekt, will in fact continue to focus on a well-curated single player campaign. , thus leaving the team free to experiment with unrelated chapters.

However, we must of course invite you to take the news with due precautions , given that CD Projekt has not yet officially confirmed the true nature of this project: we will promptly keep you updated with any news on our pages.

Recall that a few weeks ago the new episode of the saga in Unreal Engine 5 officially entered production : therefore, all that remains is to wait patiently to find out more.

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