The perfect Metal Gear remake? The fans thought so

The perfect Metal Gear remake The fans thought so


For years, fans of the Metal Gear Solid saga have been asking for a return of the series, perhaps in the form of a remake or remaster of one of the historical chapters.

The series created by Hideo Kojima (which you can find on Amazon in an excellent compilation) is in fact parked in a corner by Konami, despite the rumors about a possible makeover in recent months.

In the meantime, there are those who have decided to make “their” remake of Metal Gear Solid using the Dreams editor , for example.

Not to mention that someone else has instead decided to give a ‘second chance’ to the first and historic Metal Gear released on MSX2 .

Via Reddit , a fan has now imagined a ‘dream scenario’ , that is, a remake of the franchise that could serve as a real restart.

«An impossible dream scenario: the 1987 Metal Gear remade with modern mechanics » , imagines the user geoff_scales.

Metal Gear is the first chapter ever of the homonymous series created by Kojima, released in the now distant 1987 for MSX2 .

The game was later converted also for NES, MS-DOS and Commodore 64, as well as being revived in some recent collections dedicated to the saga.

And again, “David Hayter could return to voice Solid Snake , while Keifer Sutherland would reprise his role as Venom . “

In the comments, many seem to support the idea, although it appears equally true that Konami does not seem to have any intention of taking over the MGS series , much to the disappointment of historical fans .

In recent weeks, however, there has been a return to talk of an alleged remake of the first Metal Gear Solid , although to date there is no confirmation of the case.

While waiting for good news, another Konami fan has recently decided to build his own Metal Gear Rex .

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