The No More Heroes movie does not exist, but Suda51 has already chosen actor and director

The No More Heroes movie does not exist, but Suda51 has already chosen actor and director


The No More Heroes saga is among the latest, and perhaps most famous, creations of the eclectic Suda51 , a Japanese author with a slightly over the top style .

The third chapter , which you can find on Amazon , was released not long ago on the Nintendo Switch , closing the story of Travis Touchdown .

A title that must be taken for what it is because, as we told in our review , the inspiration of its creator was not enough .

Which was even going to be put at the service of Marvel , with a character that surely would have given the best of himself in the hands of Suda51.

Since we have seen, and will see, so many movies and TV series about video games, the idea of ​​a project on No More Heroes would be electrifying.

A film that does not exist and, probably, will never exist given the contents of the game. This didn’t stop Suda51 from doing her casting.

As VGC reports , the author of No More Heroes has chosen what could be the perfect actor to play the protagonist , in a possible feature film.

Ryan Gosling is the perfect candidate to play Travis, according to Goichi Suda. The stage presence is undoubtedly there, as is the talent.

As a director, however, he would like James Gunn in case the film is a Western production. For an oriental film, however, he would opt for Takashi Miike .

Two perfect authors , as a style, to stage a possible No More Heroes , and with which Suda has already had to do, among other things.

Before continuing to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy films , Gunn co-wrote Lollipop Chainsaw , which Suda directed. Miike, on the other hand, was portrayed in No More Heroes 2 as a character simply called Miike, whom he voiced.

It must be said that, with these premises, at this point we really want to see Travis Touchdown at the cinema . After all, if the Gran Turismo movie is on the way, it means we can expect anything.

Staying in the Nintendo world there are updates on the highly anticipated Super Mario movie , which continues to move forward .

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