The new Star Wars on Switch cannot be completed: the developers “confess”

The new Star Wars on Switch cannot be completed: the developers “confess”

A truly unfortunate event conditioned the launch of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II on Nintendo Switch , the version for the hybrid console of one of the most loved games of all time in the Star Wars saga .

The classics of the Star Wars saga have indeed been particularly successful for the Switch audience (you can retrieve the Jedi Knight Collection for fast delivery on Amazon ), but the players who have chosen to buy KOTOR II have had to deal with a serious bug : currently in fact, it is impossible for most users to complete the game.

As reported by Dexerto , a very common bug escaped during production in the final stages of the game, which causes a sudden crash right before accessing the endgame and thus making it impossible to finish this beloved Star Wars .

Considering that several days have now passed since the launch of the title with no resolution in sight, the fans, understandably angry , asked the Aspyr Media team for clarification, who had to admit that they were aware of the problem.

The user Daniel Moore, among the first to officially report the problem, has in fact asked the developers without half measures if they were aware of the fact that Star Wars KOTOR II currently cannot be completed on Switch.

Aspyr actually ” confessed ” that yes, Knights of the Old Republic II may not actually be finished, but that the team is working on a fix:

“ Yes, we are aware of that and our development team is working to launch a new patch as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience ».

Unfortunately it is not possible to know when the patch will be launched : Aspyr has in fact stressed that it cannot communicate an ETA for the update, but that it will keep fans updated promptly.

Although some users point out that after several attempts and crossing your fingers it may be possible to overcome the crash, our advice is to avoid buying Star Wars KOTOR II on Switch before the problem is officially solved.

For sure this is a truly sensational oversight, which has certainly caused frustration for fans waiting for the remake of KOTOR on next-gen .

However, fans of the saga will be able to continue to keep an eye on the development of Star Wars Jedi Survivor , which could introduce one of the most beloved villains of all time .

Remaining on the subject of the games available on Nintendo Switch, we remind you that you can always recover LEGO Star Wars The Saga of the Skywalker , the beloved brick adaptation that broke all records .

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