The Last Stand: Aftermath Game Review

The Last Stand: Aftermath


Game DescriptionThe Last Stand: Aftermath
If you haven’t been surviving in dangerous conditions for a long time, like in Surviving the Aftermath , then you definitely need to torrent for free an exciting mixture of roguelike and post-apocalyptic survival called The Last Stand: Aftermath . Here you will take on the role of a hero who was infected with the most dangerous zombie virus, but you should not lose hope – go on a journey and explore this deserted, cruel world properly!

This game is a continuation of the already sensational entertainment from the same developers. At the beginning, you will be given the opportunity to choose your favorite character, with whom you will have to study the local ruins until the very end, search for resources, fuel and other things necessary for successful survival.

Always be vigilant, because real living dead roam the local streets, and since you are far from superhuman, you can be killed at any moment. The most interesting thing is that your protagonist is infected with a virus, and at some point he will simply die, after which you will be reborn as another hero with the saved skills and improvements! Take on a new guise and set off to travel further, skillfully coping with all the misfortunes.


Windows Support:7 / 8 / 10×64-bit system
CPU:Intel i7-10700K
Graphics accelerator:NVIDIA GTX 1080
Disk space:5GB

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