The Last of Us Part II, discovered a crazy connection with the first chapter

The Last of Us Part II, discovered a crazy connection with the first chapter


Titles like the two The Last of Us are so dense that they hide so many details, and players can’t rest easy to find them all.

The second chapter in particular, which you find on Amazon , because of its double point of view offers even more ideas for things to discover.

Someone has discovered that Abby is literally immortal in a game sequence, thanks of course to a series of mods.

The same Abby who, curiously, is perhaps the closest thing to the first chapter, according to a very detailed theory.


The Last of Us franchise is packed with details, we said, and a fan of the sequel has pointed out a clever twist with regards to Abby’s gun .

As GameRant reports , there’s a really crazy easter egg linking the two titles in the Naughty Dog franchise.

Weapons are a very important element of both games, and especially in the second chapter where there is also a great attention from the point of view of the gameplay .

Abby, thanks to her training, carries more military-style weapons with her, including her service pistol .

On which, as a user reports on Reddit , there is a link with the first The Last of Us :

Abby’s gun serial is 6-14-2K13 , which is the equivalent of how the US would write the date of June 14, 2013 , the release date of the first The Last of Us for PlayStation 3 .

The other serial is also a surprise, because 11-19-2K07 is a reference to another date, November 19, 2007 , the release date of the first Uncharted .

The number on Abby’s pistol are 6-14-2K13, which is the release date of TLOU 1 (June 14, 2013) from thelastofus


Abby protagonist of this easter egg that, if the title had followed the original ideas , would have had a further strong meaning .

An attention to detail that will also be broadcast within the HBO TV series , which will also stage a maniacal detail of Ellie .

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