The Last of Us Part II “comes to life” in truly unique objects

The Last of Us Part II “comes to life” in truly unique objects

The Last of Us Part II has been out for several months now, although fans don’t seem to have forgotten Ellie’s adventures.

Without detracting from the next TLOU Part I (you can pre-order it at an unmissable price on Amazon ), the Naughty Dog title has in fact entered the hearts of millions of gamers.

On the occasion of the official announcement of the remake, many have started to brush up on the sequel, even deciding to pay homage to it in their own way.

After the fan taking over 200 hours to pay homage to Ellie and Joel with a truly unique piece of art , it’s now the turn of some scary detailed dioramas .

The talented Andrew Pescovitz has indeed given life to works so beautiful and detailed that they seem official products, without a shadow of a doubt.

By publishing everything on his Instagram profile , Pecovam Customs has in fact given life to dioramas (i.e. a reduced-scale reproduction of a scenography that recreates different settings) depicting some key moments of The Last of Us Part II .

In fact, we can admire Ellie who takes behind an opponent in the forest, as well as various other easily recognizable gameplay sequences , especially for those who have lived the game in its entirety.

Find all, absolutely all, the photographs of Andrew’s extraordinary miniature works by clicking on this address .

Unsurprisingly, at the moment these dioramas are not for sale , although it cannot be excluded that the author may decide to make others in the future (perhaps also related to other successful video games).

Staying on the subject, even the first The Last of Us had received a similar treatment some time ago, for an equally surprising result .

But not only that: another enthusiast has given life to a version of the remake of TLOU , however, using the power of the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine , for a truly crazy result.

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