The Last of Us, 9 years later, the rarest (and most brutal) move ever was discovered

The Last of Us, 9 years later, the rarest (and most brutal) move ever was discovered


The Last of Us is one of the most important games of the PS4 generation, so much so that many years after its release, players continue to find goodies and curiosities about the game .

The adventure of Ellie and Joel (which you can find on Amazon at a very interesting price) has in fact a large number of admirers on its side, today as yesterday.

While the news surfaced just a few days ago that a remake of TLOU for PS5 may have a longer history than the original , as well as various additional bests, returning to the original is apparently still a pleasure.

As reported by DualShockers , nearly nine years after its release The Last of Us continues to amaze fans after a player has suffered a brutal and very rare execution.

In fact, one player showed on Reddit a sequence that many players missed, so much so that the brutal takedown had never been spotted, even after multiple playthroughs.

User Ziske_22 said he completed The Last of Us campaign about 7-8 times and never ran into this sequence.

The execution, which can be seen in the clip below, shows Joel and Ellie hiding behind a concrete block as an opponent begins to approach them.

The two are spotted as the enemy leaps to the top of the block, being quickly grabbed by Joel and slammed on his back .

From the way Joel grabs his legs and slams him on the concrete corner, we can only assume that his back is torn apart : as if that weren’t enough, Joel then decides to hit his opponent in the head with a baseball bat. , thus giving him the coup de grace.

7-8 time playing the game…and just now found out that you can do THIS??? from thelastofus

“Cool, I didn’t know this move existed in the game . Every time I tried, I punched him in the leg of the enemy, or something like that , ”another player explained.

“I’ve never seen this move! Really gorgeous , ” another fan exclaimed, again in the original Reddit post .

Speaking instead of TLOU2 , a player has instead found a way to kill an antagonist of Ellie ahead of time, thanks to a really good trick .

And that another enthusiast has discovered a way Abby can kill Tommy during the sniper chase scene ?

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