The Day Before – the upcoming masterpiece from the USA or UK and Canada.

The Day Before – the upcoming masterpiece from the USA or UK and Canada.


The Day Before is an AAA project from an indie studio from UK with a huge open world. WOW! It’s hard not to add to the wishlist , isn’t it? In this article, we will analyze in detail: does the game exist at all? Why can The Day Before be fake?! And is it worth the wait? Let’s go!

What is The Day Before in the view of developers?
The plot of The Day Before – humanity survived an epidemic that turned most of the people into the walking dead. Survivors now fight for food and resources, fight off monsters and other players.


Most of the time you will have to explore the streets of New York and collect everything that is not bolted: ammo, rare guns, watches, comics, drugs, stylish clothes.

There is always a risk of not bringing the loot to the safe zone. Ordinary bandits and other players dart around New York. Gamers will have a chance to negotiate with survivalists, find a partner or make enemies.Carnivorous zombies only come out on the streets at night – like in the movie I Am Legend. But the living dead have impressive hearing.

Outside the metropolis, you will be able to contemplate forests, fields, suburban settlements and abandoned huts.

Outside the city there will be a hub where you can rest, trade, take a quest, gather a group for the next outing or craft something.

The developers also promise an experience in the spirit of DayZ and Escape from Tarkov . High difficulty, settlement reputation, noise penalties, and sanctions if the character is hungry or dehydrated are stated.

On paper, The Day Before looks cool. But will the Russian studio be able to implement the announced mechanics? No wonder the release from June 21, 2022 was postponed to March 1, 2023 .

The Day Before in the videos shown – a collection of other people’s ideas and stolen assets?
All of the above are just the promises of the Fntastic studio and their vision of a dream game. And what did we actually see if we analyze a few videos?

In them, The Day Before meets us with a familiar font – like in The Last of Us: Part 2 . Let’s say the developers from Yakutia liked the Compacta font , but then why are the fonts from the Sony exclusive in the game itself?

What about the crafting interface? Missing components are highlighted in red – again like in TLoU .

The sneak animations and crosshairs also look like they’ve been copied from a Naughty Dog game.Even zombies make a characteristic crackling sound. This clicking, invented at the time by Bruce Straley for The Last of Us, you definitely will not confuse with anything.

Now Red Dead Redemption 2 – interface elements are clearly borrowed from there. In The Day Before, they serve as an indication of the survival system: temperature, energy, and thirst.

The inventory is a mixture of standard Unreal Engine assets and items from State of Decay 2 . Such a conclusion can be drawn by looking at the location of the cells and their purpose. Even a cell for a backpack in its place.

Vehicles in The Day Before evoke parallels with SnowRunner – realistic off-road driving is announced. Dirt, impenetrable wilderness, snow-covered expanses, suspension physics – everything is exactly the same. In turn, the mechanics of finding fuel migrated from Days Gone, and vehicle repair from State of Decay.

Customization of your own shelter – according to the precepts of the latest Bethesda games . The idea of ​​adding a gym and a canteen was cut again in TLoU Part 2. True, the simulators and kitchen utensils are interactive, in the spirit of Monster Hunter: World . We even saw the sauna in the Iceborne add-on.

As a result, The Day Before is more like Frankenstein than a unique AAA project .

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