The creator of Dead or Alive has also succumbed to the fascination with NFTs

The creator of Dead or Alive has also succumbed to the fascination with NFTs

Like many important and historical sagas, Dead or Alive has also recently been orphaned by its creator, Tomonobu Itagaki .

After Dead or Alive 6 , which you can find on Amazon , the fighting game saga has been stranded with no new episodes.

Two years have passed since the last update of the title, and at the moment it is not known what the future of the franchise will be.

But for sure we know that Itagaki is following the path followed by other companies such as Square Enix, linked to NFTs.

Tomobu Itagaki has in fact opened a new development studio , also announcing the first game he is working on.

Unfortunately, as PC Gamer reports , it is a video game linked to NFTs , the non-fungible tokens that have created a tumultuous market today.

Dead or Alive creator and his new company, Apex Game Studios , have announced Warrior , the first game from their new studio.

This is a Triple A MMO experience , in which you will have to collect Pokémon -style minions , who will then be part of your band of heroes.

An interesting idea, even if not very original, were it not that each of these is an NFT.

The press release related to Warrior promises great security regarding the management of this content, and an infrastructure that aims to solve all the performance and sustainability problems of the NFT market.

These items can be traded and sold between players of course, and in the future Apex Game Studios plans to transfer their products to the metaverse .

A world that GameStop has also entered recently , with the launch of its digital platform that took place a few days ago .

A launch which, however, according to initial analyzes was not exactly as exciting as the company probably hoped .

Speaking of other historians responsible for great sagas , even the creator of Yakuza has some not too exciting titles in his future . I’m not NFT, though.


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