Tennis Manager 2022 | Review – Off the main draw

Tennis Manager 2022 | Review – Off the main draw

We have already said this on several occasions: tennis and video games, for a decade now, have no longer managed to unite in a happy and peaceful marriage. From Top Spin 4 onwards, there have been attempts, but they have all turned out not to be fully successful, always leaving the enthusiasts dry-mouthed. While waiting to find out what Matchpoint: Tennis Championships will be like , which will also be released on Game Pass in July , we have thoroughly tested Tennis Manager 2022.

A couple of weeks ago, through an in-depth analysis that you can find at this link , we talked to you about how this managerial could somehow mitigate the absence of simulations related to this magnificent sport . Before even trying it firsthand, we had therefore hoped that the intrinsic characteristics of the genre, combined with the success formula proposed by the much more famous football manager, could find the right space.

Today, after having seen in depth all the game features, we are here to tell you that unfortunately the mission did not go as well as we hoped . While considering some good basic functionalities, there is still a lot of work to be done to reach important heights; however, it should be added that the path taken is the right one, but also rather inaccessible and not easy to cross.

Tennis Manager 2022: how to become a star
Before Tennis Manager 2022 , the Rebound developers had proposed the previous edition on mobile platforms. Initially, the project was therefore born with not exactly very high demands, finding its own dimension without all the game characteristics being as deep as one would expect from a managerial one.

The next step came when the developers realized that the IP actually had good potential and a wider audience to reach (find a selection of tennis games at the best recommended price on Amazon).

Here, therefore, is that Tennis Manager 2022 , after a long phase in early access, has finally seen the light with the final version which is in fact open to many additional elements, capable of broadening the spectrum of decisions and management maneuvers. This is a journey that has just begun, and the development team is also aware of this, which wants to give continuity to the series and make improvements and insights from year to year.

Today, Tennis Manager 2022 must therefore be seen as a first real step towards that goal, therefore it is not surprising that objective deficiencies (and some too many naiveties) are so widespread on almost all aspects of the game.

After choosing the nationality and appearance of our alter ego among a skimpy circle of proposed avatars, Tennis Manager 2022 gives you the possibility to choose which academy to manage . This first decision actually affects the difficulty of the early stages, and for newbies the advice can only be to start from a structure already well underway, properly equipped and with non-negligible talents within it. We started with the Florida Tennis Academy, which together with the French Riviera Tennis Academy represents the best around and has a high overall rating.

By doing this you will have the most complete gaming experience possible, but those who want to have a few more headaches can take over a lower level academy, with all that goes with it in terms of climbing the rankings and economic sustainability.


In any case, the most renowned academies have within them talents of perspective and already established players. In our case we already had Sebastian Korda, spearhead and player with whom we actually took our first steps in the tournaments of the circuit.


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