New teen horror game with multiplayer, crafting and horror maps released on Steam

New teen horror game with multiplayer, crafting, and horror maps released on Steam

The independent studio Neighborhood Games has released Nighthunt, a multiplayer stealth horror game on Steam, in which the main characters are teenagers trying to survive.

Chad, Amber, Troy, and the rest of the gang return in a new spin-off series that sees East Side teenagers go to summer camp.

Matches are played in 3v3 mode. One team of players must defend their base, while the other must try to steal the radio antenna.

In the game, gamers have access to nine cards, twelve types of various weapons, and craft items. All locations are based on popular horror movies. There is a summer camp, a farm, a cemetery, and more.

You can buy Nighthunt on Steam for $69 with a 10% discount (valid until August 1).
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