The game where you have to swim with ducks is a hit with gamers

Gamers are going crazy for the game where you are in the pool with the ducks

There are simulators dedicated to just about anything, in the world of video games, we told ourselves: just a few days ago, for example, we saw the ASMR restaurant simulator, where appetizing food and relaxing sounds keep you company while you enjoy some virtual relaxation. And today, a little on that trail (and on the recommendation of one of our readers, whom we thank), here we are to notice that the Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is depopulating on Steam.

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This wacky video game is exactly what it sounds like: a rubber duck simulator, but with an extremely realistic graphics sector, capable of putting even the least impressionable PCs to the test.

If you are wondering what the purpose of the game is, know that there is not one: you just have to relax by living the life of a rubber duck in all its commitments – that is none. How to relax better than this, in short?

«Technologically advanced duck simulator, Placid Plastic Duck Simulator offers great amounts of relaxation. With dreamlike 3D graphics, soothing music, and lots of different ducks, your only priority is to float happily. Anyone who doesn’t try it is a quaquaraquà » jeer the Italian developers of the Turbolento Games team, in the description of their bizarre project.

A weird project that has been available since 6 July and which, also thanks to the price of just 1.59 euros, has already put together over 800 reviews from gamers, particularly happy to have stepped into the shoes of a duck.

The title allows you to have fun with 50 different ducks in 2 swimming pools, will propose special events to vary things a little while you float placidly, and also accompany relaxing music to the sensory experience. Furthermore, there is the day-night cycle, for those who love to enjoy the sunset.

That of the ducks is a real catchphrase and it was only a matter of time before someone had the brilliant intuition to make them the absolute protagonists of a chill video game. You will also remember them as the protagonists of an old Sony tech demo and you will certainly have noticed that they have become a cult object: think of those with a videogame theme,

Everyone is distracted and entertained in their way and the Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is making us want to throw ourselves into a paddling pool with lots of rubber ducks. We don’t know if it would be relaxing for everyone, but it sure would be refreshing – and given the temperatures, it’s not cheap.

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