Street Fighter, Ryu and Chun Li donate and raise a large amount

Street Fighter, Ryu and Chun Li donate and raise a large amount

Thanks to video games, many good works have been done, and Street Fighter has also done its part with Ryu and Chun Li.

The fifth chapter , which you can find on Amazon , continues to be the protagonist of the videogame scene despite the imminent handover.

Street Fighter 6 has finally shown itself, with a unique style and the new logo that replaces the previous one, which had been discussed .

The previous one, in fact, seems to have been bought by Capcom on a stock image site.

Beyond the sterile controversy, the Street Fighter champions have proved that they are not skilled only at beating their hands, as reported by Destructoid .

In 2021, Capcom had released two limited edition charity skins for Ryu and Chun-Li , the most famous heroes of the series.

Sold for around six euros each, the two pink-themed skins (with the foundation’s colors) were sold for a limited period, with the entire proceeds donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation .

The initiative went very well, because Capcom recently revealed that it had raised $ 75,000 from this sale.

An estimated equivalent of around 1,500 hours of work and research into breast cancer detection and treatment.

A real “perfect” , we would like to say. An excellent job by Capcom, but above all by the players who supported the initiative by purchasing the two skins.


Myra Bilowt , the president of the foundation, commented on the success of this initiative:

“The need for better and more effective treatments has never been greater. We are grateful for the opportunity to highlight this critical need through Capcom’s broad reach . Through this partnership, we are ready to have a direct and tangible impact on the advancement of life-saving science, together. “

We hope that such initiatives can also be replicated in Street Fighter 6 , a title that will no longer be console exclusive in any way.

And of which we also know all the characters , practically, due to a leak that has been shot recently.

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