Stray, the secret language of the game has already been deciphered: here are the details

Stray, the secret language of the game has already been deciphered: here are the details

There was a lot of talk about Stray even before the release and, with little surprise, it has become the game of the moment for a few days.

It also managed to become a more anticipated game than God of War, with all due respect to those who are waiting for the sequel, so much has been the curiosity around the game.

On Steam, the game of the cat in the cyberpunk world has caused more stir than the PC version of the Santa Monica Studio title.

And always with God of War Ragnarok has clashed with Stray, regarding the collector’s editions and related gadgets included.

Within the world of Stray, there is a language that, almost as much as the game itself, has become the center of attention for some fans.

This language uses a substitution code to make the world more cryptic and mysterious. A real secret code which, as reported by, has been deciphered.

HalfGlassGaming ‘s Josh Wirtanen took care of it and managed to create the cipher to be able to translate all the texts inside Stray.

Through a mad and desperate study of every possible clue provided by the game, Wirtanen has managed to create a real vocabulary.

If you want to discover Stray’s secrets too, here it is:

Wirtanen states that using this code helps bring Stray’s world to life, although he notes that at times the translations can feel a little shaky and don’t make much sense.

All this attention is overwhelming the title which, as expected, has already been invaded by a lot of mods, some even nightmarish.

On the other hand, Stray’s kitty is so adorable that he has conquered even the cats of the real world.

To find out more about the title, we remind you that we talked about it extensively in our review of the game.

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