Stray in GTA V is pure feline madness (and will make you forget GTA 6)

Stray in GTA V is pure feline madness (and will make you forget GTA 6)

Stray, the title starring a cute feline, is the finished video game on everyone’s lips, obviously for several valid reasons.

The title of Annapurna Interactive – which has recently outclassed even God of War on PC – is currently played (and appreciated) by a large number of players around the world.

After all, even in our review of the game, we have explained all the peculiarities of a certain very original title, despite some flaws here and there.

Now, as found on YouTube, someone has decided to “transform” (if we can say so) the famous GTA V in Stray, grafting a very special feline protagonist.

The video, made by the ‘Memestrello’ channel, shows an orange cat in all respects similar to the protagonist of Stray sowing panic in the streets of Grand Theft Auto V.

We see him being chased by the police, driving a car, a bicycle, and even a wheelchair, while committing crimes and vandalisms of all kinds, thus generating chaos among the population.

Also note the sequence in which we see the cat riding a cow, for a truly hilarious result that will remain imprinted on you for many days.

You can admire the (crazy) video a little further down, lasting about a minute:


Always talking about Stray, have you also read that fans are already indulging themselves with mods of various kinds, some of which are hilarious like the one that turns the protagonist into a dog?

But not only that: Stray also likes real cats in flesh and blood, which has become a real catchphrase on social media channels all over the world, in conjunction with the launch of the game on various digital stores.

Finally, in the world of Stray, there is a cipher language that is used many times, and someone decrypted it and discovered every secret.

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