Stray, but with a dog, is what you need today

Stray, but with a dog, is what you need today

Surely, this is the most talked about game of the moment: we are obviously talking about Stray , the title starring a cute feline.

The cat of Annapurna Interactive has in fact recently outclassed God of War on PC , which is why we can already talk about a small classic.

In our game review , in fact, we had amply emphasized all the peculiarities of a certainly very original title (although with some too many criticalities).

Now, as also reported by , it seems that fans are already indulging themselves with mods of various kinds, some of which are really hilarious.

If you are a dog lover , thanks to the crubino modder you can play as a cute French bulldog puppy. The Happy Puppy mod also turns most of the meows into yelps, for a truly hilarious result.

But not only that: another modder, hibrietas, created the Jason mod instead . Taking a cue from the infamous mall scene in Heavy Rain , the meow is replaced with a plea to find the lost child, really.

As if that were not enough, it is possible to play as CJ, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas , but on all fours. Yes, that’s right: courtesy of Sirgalahad172, it is possible to turn CJ’s body into a cat and play the whole game as Cat Johnson – the end result is truly out of your mind.

Also inevitable is the mod that allows you to transform the protagonist of Stray into Garfield , the famous orange cat at the center of the homonymous comic strip series created by Jim Davis in 1978.

Staying on the subject, in addition to having made the hearts of gamers beat faster, apparently Stray also likes cats in flesh and blood (and hair) , which have become a real catchphrase on various social media channels around the world.

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