Steam has 5 free games to download including two action games and a racing game

Steam has 5 free games to download, including two action games and a racing game


Steam has replenished with seven free projects that anyone can play. There is a strategy, a 3D platformer, two action roguelikes and racing.

Fire & Maneuver is an early access strategy game set in the Victorian era. In the current version, seven playable factions, a single player campaign and multiplayer are available. The game received 82% positive reviews. Page on Steam .

Peepo Island is a hardcore 3D platform game. The goal of the game is to escape from the island. To do this, you have to go through a difficult obstacle course full of deadly traps. The task is complicated by an army of cute Peeps, which is constantly chasing the player, trying to push him off the cliff. Page on Steam .

Biters & Bullets: Prologue is a free version of an action roguelike in development where players have to face hordes of zombies. This version has one big boss map and 16 weapons. Page on Steam .

Blade of Darkness is another action roguelike. According to the plot, a portal from the abyss appeared in the city. To protect the settlement and prevent the invasion, the main character decides to go to the other side. Page on Steam .

Talking Kiteboards is a multiplayer kiteboard race for up to 12 players. By earning gold coins, players will be able to buy new characters, kiteboards and equipment. Page on Steam .

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