Starfield, Xbox Game Pass unveils the launch window: that’s when it will come out

Starfield, Xbox Game Pass unveils the launch window: that’s when it will come out

Bethesda and Microsoft confirmed last month that Starfield will officially skip release in 2022: the new sci-fi RPG was one of the most anticipated titles of the year, but it was necessary to ensure longer development times to offer an all-round experience. ‘height.

The developers hadn’t posted a new launch window, simply reporting a generic first half of 2023 . but according to what many users have reported, it seems that, curiously, to reveal it in these hours it was directly Xbox Game Pass ( you can buy the subscription on offer on Amazon ).

The official page on the Microsoft site to sign up for Xbox Game Pass would have mentioned the launch of Starfield with a small wording at the bottom , which now seems to have been scheduled for the first months of 2023.

A postponement that proved absolutely necessary to ensure the right quality: according to what was reported by the latest rumors, Bethesda feared that Starfield would become ” the new Cyberpunk ” .

It is in fact reported that Starfield is currently scheduled for the « early 2023 » period, therefore corresponding to the period that includes the months of January, February and March.

The news was relaunched on social media by The Verge journalist Tom Warren , who also wanted to guess what could be the launch window that Bethesda could choose.

Judging from the fact that the initially planned launch date was November 2022, corresponding to the 10th anniversary of Skyrim , and taking into consideration that the development has not yet proved optimal, it is possible to imagine that Starfield can be expected for March 2023.

This date would also allow Microsoft itself to launch the title before the end of the fiscal year , thus allowing you to further push the accelerator on Xbox Game Pass subscriptions: remember that the title will be available for free on day one on the service.

Since no official announcement has arrived from the Redmond house, the possibility remains that it could also have been an error : for this reason, we invite you to take everything with due precautions while waiting for further news on the matter.

In all likelihood, we will be able to discover further news on the occasion of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase scheduled for this Sunday, which seems to have an extremely long life .

Phil Spencer has also intervened on the question of the postponement in recent weeks: aware that now 2022 at Microsoft is very bare, the Xbox boss has admitted that they will have to work to meet the expectations of the community .

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