Starfield will be huge: the most important city also beats Skyrim and Fallout

Starfield will be huge: the most important city also beats Skyrim and Fallout

After showing more in depth Starfield during the last Xbox and Bethesda conference, Todd Howard has decided to reveal more details on one of the most anticipated RPGs of recent years.

The latest effort by Bethesda, which will be available for free on day one on Xbox Game Pass ( you can find the subscription on offer on Amazon ), according to the statements of the famous director will be one of the most edited games ever by the developers of Skyrim .

Todd Howard had in fact stressed that there will be over 1000 explorable planets, confirming however that they will be made using the procedural : however he specified that Starfield will still have the largest amount of content made by hand by the studio.

In an interview with , the director wanted to further investigate the issue, underlining how immense the sci-fi RPG will be, starting above all from the available cities .

Starfield will have four main cities in total , but there is one in particular that will be particularly impressive, and that’s the one that was also shown during the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase 2022.

This is New Atlantis , which will in effect be the most important city available and which will be larger than any inhabited place present in Skyrim , Oblivion or even Fallout : it is in effect the most imposing city ever built by Bethesda.

The reason behind this decision is very simple: most of the missions related to the main campaign will take place just passing through New Atlantis , as well as being the headquarters of one of the main factions of the title and also one of the places where it can be started. most side missions.

Bethesda’s goal is therefore to guarantee the greatest amount of content possible to make the city an ideal place where fans may also want to live, full of all the comforts and needs they will need but also a starting point for the campaign and many missions.

It will therefore be interesting to find out how it will evolve what in effect could become the place where we will spend most of our interstellar virtual life: in any case, despite the great care of the developers, the latest gameplay video has not managed to hide the return of the famous ” Bethesda bugs ” .

The news unveiled in the last few hours are so many: if you missed some announcements, we have summarized for you everything we currently know about Starfield .

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