Starfield: Release, Gameplay, Game Pass and everything we know

Starfield: Release, Gameplay, Game Pass and everything we know


Starfield is one of the most anticipated video games of recent years: announced back in 2018, the title was made to wait until E3 2021, on the occasion of which Bethesda finally announced the release date .

The new creation of the American manufacturer will be set in space and will exploit the power of the new graphics engine Creation Engine 2 .

Although the release date is still quite far, there are already a lot of information in our possession thanks to which we can get a more or less precise idea of ​​how the game will be .

So here’s everything we know about Starfield .

The trailers
Gameplay and details
Plot, setting and game world
Starfield and SpaceX
Launch window
The Starfield trailer was first shown at the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase at E3 2021 .

The video, lasting just over two minutes, shows an astronaut making his way through the various environments of a large spaceship in preparation for take-off.

The next scene shifts the focus to a small shelf labeled “ Stow 84S ”, on which a white briefcase with the words “ Constellation Property ” is placed .

A voice from the radio, presenting itself as a member of the organization of the same name, gives the green light to the astronaut allowing him to leave.


The video continues showing the departure of the ship, which we will discover is called Frontier NG1350 : in the background we can see a large robot, some space structures and many white and barren mountains.

The voice in the background reads:

“They say that the real wonder is not the immensity of the star field, but that we have been able to measure it. You are now part of Constellation and our family . What you have found is the key to unlocking everything. This is all we have worked for. We have come to the beginning of humanity’s final journey. This is why we are here. To find out what’s out there . “

What kind of game will Starfield be? Gameplay and details
As reported by IGN USA , the highly anticipated new IP of Bethesda, defined by author Todd Howard as a “Skyrim in space” , will be a first and third person action RPG .

Managing director Ashley Chang, on the other hand, described the new venture as a “Han Solo simulator” .

While no gameplay videos have yet been shown , we already have a lot of information in our possession.

First of all, as reported on the official Starfield website , the player will be able to “create any character you want and explore the game world with unparalleled freedom” .

As revealed by Todd Howard, those who play will be able to customize the physical appearance and gender of the protagonist to their liking , and even set some events from his past that will have a strong impact on the development of the story.

The author has also stated that he wants to resume some elements of his past games able to allow those who play to express themselves at 100% and to create a very well characterized character.

At the moment it is not yet clear which specific game he refers to, but being the release date still so far away we can assume that we will find out soon . Moreover, whether we fall back on The Elder Scrolls , or if we talk about Fallout , the elements probably concern the expressive possibility of the player.

To stay on the subject with the previous Bethesda IPs, many human, alien and robot NPCs have been included in the game with which the player will be able to interact. There will also be numerous factions and, since the choice will be in the hands of the player, you can even join them all to… betray them all . But you’d be bad people doing it, let’s understand.

All the scenarios were in fact conceived to promote exploration and interaction , thanks to which those who play will be able to ” test the limits imposed by the game ” and find their own way by relating with people and objects.

The last detail made known by the developers concerns the amount of scenes with dialogues: according to what was stated by Todd Howard on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show, the game will offer over 150,000 lines of dialogue , double compared to those counted in Skyrim .

Starfield plot and setting
At the moment there is no certain information regarding the Starfield plot .

What we do know for sure is that the game will be set in the year 2330 and will tell about the exploits of a space organization called Constellation .

Although this is the main one of the game, during the course of the plot the protagonist will be able to choose to join other groups .

According to what was reported in some official videos on the Starfield website , the adventure will be set in an area called The Settled System , which extends 50 light years outside the Solar System.


In the short video, Bethesda’s design director Emil Pagliarulo lays the foundations of the story by telling the events that took place ten years before the adventure began.

In 2310, the two major solar system factions called United Colonies and Freestar Collective started the bloody Colonial War .

Going back to the next decade, the two colonies share an unstable peace , and the Settled System is an extremely dangerous place.

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