Star Wars Jedi Survivor will really be next-gen: the most important features revealed

Star Wars Jedi Survivor will really be next-gen: the most important features revealed

During the end of last week, a highly anticipated announcement from Cal Kestis fans arrived: Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the official title chosen for the sequel to Fallen Order , officially unveiled with a new trailer.

The successor of Jedi Fallen Order ( you can buy it at the best price on Amazon ) was in fact revealed on the occasion of the Star Wars Celebration , the annual event dedicated to all the biggest fans of the franchise created by George Lucas.

The official teaser trailer from EA and Respawn also revealed that the title will be released in 2023 , although at the moment we don’t have a definitive release date yet, and that it will be an exclusively next-gen game: it means that players will only be able to buy it on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

However , the decision to launch Star Wars Jedi Survivor exclusively on the latest generation platforms is not accidental: in an interview with , director Stig Amussen did not spare praise for the new Sony and Xbox home consoles, revealing how the Cal Kestis’ new venture intends to exploit their full potential.

“I think [the biggest novelty] is ray tracing , or brightness . This is allowing us to implement lighting in real time, permanently, with a fidelity that is far beyond anything we have ever produced before ”.

Amussen explains that, thanks to real-time lighting, Respawn is able to immediately view all the changes implemented to the graphics after adjusting the in-game lights, thus leaving the team ample time to produce more realistic and cinematic results .

A further upgrade allowed by PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is naturally also reserved for very fast loading speeds : the performance of the next-gen consoles in fact allow, as players know, to load a huge amount of information in a short time and cancel almost totally the loading screens.

For fans of the Sony home console, Respawn also pointed out that one of the most important features of the DualSense will also be implemented , which attracted the attention of the authors of Star Wars Jedi Survivor :

“PlayStation 5 has interesting haptic [feedback] on its controller and we’re looking into it .”

It therefore seems that the developers really want to make Jedi Survivor the most next-gen Star Wars experience ever , creating a title designed entirely to exploit the full potential of the new consoles.

Statements that therefore correspond with what we had learned through rumors before the official teaser trailer: Respawn wants to make something that looks completely new compared to the previous title.

An aspect that will be evident above all in the much darker plot and mainly focused on survival , as anticipated by the title itself.

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