Star Wars Eclipse Game Review

Star Wars Eclipse Game Review


Game DescriptionStar Wars Eclipse
Star Wars Eclipse is a new adventure in the Star Wars universe. According to the plot, the game is a hybrid action game with branching lines. Events will take place during the era of the Republic – the most golden time for the Jedi. But the locations will be unusual. The developers moved the plot to the Outer Rim area. This is a little known and practically unexplored region of the Galaxy, therefore it is a wide scope for the manifestation of imagination and creativity.

The creators of the game do not have to drive themselves into a framework that has long been invented by someone and redraw already known locations. Therefore, everything here will be new and unusual: both for connoisseurs of this cinematic universe and for gamers who love the world of Star Wars. The story in this game will be non-linear. This adds unpredictability and makes the process especially exciting.

After all, each player will be able to act as he wants, acting in accordance with his own logic, and make his choice. Moreover, there are different endings for the development of the plot. From each act and a separate small choice will depend on the further development of the plot and the outcome. So, everyone will feel a little bit like a creator of something new. The Star Wars universe pleases fans with numerous games that have been published regularly since the 80s of the last century. Each new project is expected with enthusiasm. You can download the Star Wars Eclipse torrent game for free on our website in 2023.

Eclipse is no exception. The game retains all the features of the legendary series and features of the universe. However, in terms of graphics, performance and other things, it has become even more perfect. The main difference from most projects in the series is the non-linearity of the narrative, action with various plot development options, as well as an open ending, which will be different for everyone. All this makes fans look forward to the release of the project.

The world of the Outer Rim will show new, amazing locations, many of which will come as a complete surprise to fans. Here, in this untouched land, the developers managed to be creative in full.


The game is still in development. So far, neither the platforms on which it will be presented, nor the release date have been reported. Other details of the game world and plot are also kept secret. Well, it remains only to wait.

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