Stadia announces free games for June 2022, and that’s quite a lot

Stadia announces free games for June 2022, and that’s quite a lot

Many have almost forgotten the existence of Google Stadia , although apparently the cloud gaming system does not seem to want to stop.

The streaming gaming platform (which does not fail to invade Amazon as well ) has lost a lot of the promised polish over time, although the service has never really wanted to give up in the eyes of players all over the world.

In fact, we know all too well that Google has not managed its gaming system in the best way, to the point that it has decided to stop the internal development of video games.

The thing has shaken the entire industry, also collecting real broadsides from the ex Jade Raymond, now on PlayStation .

Now, Google Stadia has announced new free games coming in June 2022 for all Stadia Pro subscribers (via 9to5 ).

Specifically, these are four new games that are added to the other three arriving starting tomorrow, for a catalog that proves to be quite rich.

Deliver Us the Moon
Through the Darkest of Times
Golf with Your Friends
Ben 10: Power Trip
Golf with Your Friends, TOHU and Ben 10: Power Trip will be available starting tomorrow, Wednesday 1 June 2022 , for free download for all subscribers. In short, net of the problems, it is a fairly interesting title package, although there are no real big ones.

Staying on the subject, the soulslike fans have expressed a heartfelt and rather decisive request, addressed to Bandai Namco : if Elden Ring has been released on practically all platforms, why not also come out on Google Stadia ?

But not only that: in recent months, rumors have begun to circulate that Google is now trying to recover the technology capable of transmitting high-definition games via the Cloud at low latency, granting the technology to partners under a new name: Google Stream .

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