Square Enix tried to remove the video with the details of the new Tomb Raider on UE5

Square Enix tried to remove the video with the details of the new Tomb Raider on UE5

Background: Rumor: UE5’s new Tomb Raider will feature Lara Croft as a 30-year-old white woman
Insider and former IGN editor Colin Moriarty received a DMCA strike from Square Enix. The company demanded to remove the video on Patreon, where the details of the new part of Tomb Raider were discussed.

On the latest episode of Sacred Symbols, Moriarty read out an excerpt from the game’s script, tentatively titled Project Jawbreaker. In the center of the plot is the already mature Lara, who works in a team of other tomb raiders. The game is more realistic and touches on serious issues, including the fight against loneliness.

For the role of the heroine, the developers are looking for a 30-year-old British woman with an athletic physique. Probably Camilla Luddington (Camilla Luddington) will not return to her role.

Moriarty edited the video on Patreon, removing all references to the new project. Most likely, the Patreon requirement means that the above materials are indeed true.

It is only officially known that the new Tomb Raider is created based on Unreal Engine 5. The exact release date is unknown.

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