SPLATOON is always an outlet for Nintendo. There is a company that is notorious on the Internet but still managed to create the bravest and only online shooter franchise of the past decade. Still, even years after the series began on the illegal Wii U, the splendor turf is nothing like the destruction of the warfare war. The Nintendo Switch does not change the tape one 3 formulas so much. This is not a sequel that leads its predecessor in a new direction. Instead, it develops this solid foundation with some smart ideas and eventually adds a story-driven spiral campaign that many of us are waiting for.

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Unconstitutional, spiral games occur in a later future in the future where humanity is gone, instead of squad creatures called Incolings who work like skate punk and play a lot of paintball. Where this series is different from its contemporaries, it is a decisive non-violent shooter. Instead of firing bullets and grenades, you are hitting the opponents – and self-surfaces – with ink-colored globes.

The main multi-player format of the game, in the turf war, is to kill your opponents but cover the map with the maximum color of your squad. You can still target the opposing team with a well-kept snap, but you can also run around the surface with a large paint roller, which ensures that everything is the right shade of blue Is. It is a structure that opens the most frightening world of online shooters to a whole new audience.

It is still true in Splatoon 3, and, at a glance, it does not seem to be different from its predecessor – which is not a terrible thing because Splatone 2 was a great game. But here are some important new things. The most notable, at least for me, is the single-player mode. Splatone always has enough annex solo options. It changed slightly with the expansion of the OCTO of Spltone 2, which added a campaign for additional fees after the start of the game. The offer of Splatoon 3 is the same but wider, the players took the role of a squad agent fighting from the underground city.

The surface is a mixture of platforming and shooting as if you crossed Super Mario Odyssey with the cover shooter. They are also a great showcase for surface design capabilities in Nintendo: stages are flavored with ideas, and you force yourself to use different weapons and movement options in different ways as if the surface itself. There is a puzzle.

Not one of the more memorable stages includes enemies or dangerous jumps. Instead, you have been entrusted with the task of destroying the wooden boxes in which an attempt has been made to copy a large block statue. At one point, you pilot a crab match that turns into a mass rolling ball – overwatch fans who love destruction at home. It is an excellent compound that prevents things from getting closer to the neurite.


Some levels can be extremely difficult – for those who have a bad purpose like me, fortunate in the shooting stages of time – but this structure is also very wide. You earn eggs to complete the level (between other tasks), which can then be used to open more areas of the map. Whenever I found myself stuck, I always had other options to play instead of the stage that was bothering me. Even the campaign has a talent tree where you unlock new skills during the campaign.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that we get some real story here. The Splatoon Universe is interesting, and over the years, we have broken into pieces and pieces about the fall of humanity and the rise of the squad. Splatone 3 makes this story a huge part of the experience.

During a single-player format, you will fill a scrapbook full of residues from the old world-from Classic Paintings to Comedy Book Pages Pages from Magazine Advertisement-which make you collect important moments of humanity. As you beat the surface, you will also have access to new computer logs based on the future and mysterious city of Altera, which are more clear about going down. Often I just pushed myself to the hard level, in hope of just one juicy sentence. It was always worth the effort.

In addition, the central draw, of course, has a competitive multiplayer experience. Matters have not changed much. There is still a classic turf war, which has four to four battles to claim maximum area, as well as salmon run, Nintendo’s hoard mode (which is thankful, is now always worth the game,

Only the contrary is the opposite. There are new weapons, including a very satisfying bow and a wiper that doubles as a paint-floating. There is some excellent quality of life opportunities to be included in these additions, such as the lobby that doubles as a firing limit where you can practice waiting for the match. Even better: When you boot the game, you no longer need to see a short broadcast. There is also a beautiful new hub city called Spills Will to discover.

Unfortunately, since the game is not over yet, I only managed to get the taste through other press members and people in Nintendo through some matches. Turf war was as usual, but it is impossible to properly decide on an online experience unless it comes into the world. I have not been able to test the exciting new card game in the universe.

How will the new weapons and maps have an impact on the meta? Will Nintendo make things interesting with timely events such as the iconic spiral fest? How much time will I spend opening the perfect dress for my squad kid? Now it is impossible to answer them, and before we know that spiral 3 has legs. (Expect me more in the future because the online experience of the game becomes more clear.) He said, Nintendo is at least saying the right things, which promised a regular free update of weapons and gear in the next two years What is it?

As it stands, about everything I want in a sequel in Splatoon 3 – and my real hope is that it will be a good thing, before we see someone else. The online space has changed dramatically since the beginning of the split one in 2015, in which almost every mass multi-player game is essentially doubled as a direct service experience. Living, breathing worlds like Fortnite have changed the expectations of players. I spent a long time completing my skills (and closet) in Splatoon 2, and now I must start from the beginning. Hopefully, Splatoon 3 is the type of life – and support for Nintendo – that means I don’t have to do so again for long.

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