Sonic Frontiers shows the open world in the new trailer, and it’s promising

Sonic Frontiers shows the open world in the new trailer, and it’s promising

Sonic Frontiers is a very ambitious project for SEGA , and we finally have a new trailer with which to take a look at the open world of the blue hedgehog.

After the great success of Sonic Mania , which you can retrieve on Amazon , Sonic fans are eagerly awaiting a new 3D title worthy of the name.

Sonic Frontiers has a lot of expectations on its side, because SEGA wants it to be the best of the saga and has been willing to postpone it for that too.

Recently the Japanese company had assured that the title is scheduled for release again in 2022 , and that we would soon have some news .

And, it must be said, SEGA has kept its word.

A little while ago, in fact, IGN US unveiled a first teaser of Sonic Frontiers which will be the protagonist of the IGN First of the month of June .

In case you didn’t know, IGN First is a column of the well-known US portal which shows contents of the most important video games arriving in a world exclusive .

While waiting for the appointment starting tomorrow, IGN and SEGA shared a video showing Sonic Frontiers in action for the first time:

We also see a remnant of open world which, as our colleagues point out at SEGA’s request, is actually an “open zone”. We don’t know what this will mean, but it doesn’t take long to find out.

In fact, starting at 9:00 am on June 1st, IGN coverage on Sonic Frontiers will begin, which will include gameplay, interviews with developers, and much more on the new 3D title of the saga.


In short, there is little time to see what stacks this production will be. Meanwhile, SEGA is not forgetting the classics, as it looks like a new 2D Sonic from the original team is coming.

The porcupine will also make its landing on Netflix , in the meantime, with an animated series of which we have seen a very short teaser .

Tomorrow is trailer day, definitely, because even Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will return to show themselves with lots of new information.

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