Someone finished Metal Gear Solid in the most unlikely way ever

Someone finished Metal Gear Solid in the most unlikely way ever


The Metal Gear Solid series has become an absolute cult over the years, especially the first and unforgettable chapter released on the first PlayStation.

The saga conceived by Hideo Kojima (which you can find on Amazon at a great price) is in fact full of masterpieces, although the progenitor is unbeatable for a large number of reasons.

And if in the last few days there has been talk of a remake of Metal Gear Solid , a gamer has decided to pass the wait in a truly unique way .


So while one fan dabbled in some truly amazing artwork dedicated to the franchise , someone else decided to finish the game with a decidedly… odd pad .

As reported by GamesRadar , a Twitch streamer managed to finish off the entire Metal Gear Solid using a dance pad , as well as lots of stamina.

Lilly, otherwise known as KittyRawr, started the challenge almost three weeks ago , taking breaks between streams to rest for the next challenge.

The Metal Gear Solid fan explained that the choice of the game was natural, as Kojima’s one of her favorite series, having seen her brother play it as a child.

“So naturally, when I came up with the idea of ​​a speedrun with the dance pad, Metal Gear Solid was automatically the perfect game to challenge myself, as I knew it so well ,” she explained.

And again, “What would a fight with Tank or Psycho Mantis with the dance pad look like? Both fights were incredibly fun and I defeated the Tank on the first try !”

Staying on the subject, a company has recently decided to create a truly unique collector’s item dedicated to the first MGS .

In order not to miss anything, if you want to discover the best and worst chapters of the series created by Kojima, take a look at our ranking that you can always and only find on the pages of SpazioGames .

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