Some Skyrim houses can be really… weird

Some Skyrim houses can be really… weird


Although The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a game with several years on its back, fans continue to pay homage to it in the most unthinkable ways.

The game (which you can find on Amazon at a very low price) is now a timeless classic, and it is more than normal that players continue to pay it in the most disparate ways.

While there are those who have enjoyed adding the Elden Ring message system to Skyrim , modders also indulge themselves with much stranger gimmicks.

So, after the one able to make the wolves in the game really soft and affectionate , now it’s the turn of a novelty that concerns a decidedly unique home of its kind .

As also reported by The Gamer , a player has decided to build a quaint cottage with cheese (yes, you got it right).

On Reddit , the fan came up with the caption ” Has anyone asked for some cheese ?” , with an image showing a real house with cheese windows, a cheese door, a cheese entrance step, pillars of cheese, and plants with pots filled with – of course – cheese.

Just below, you will find the image that shows the ‘cheesy’ final result, really crazy.

While the Cheese House was likely created using various mods and not the normal items in the game, it still remains a decidedly tasty creation .

Remaining the theme, have you also seen that another Skyrim player (this time in the Nintendo Switch version) activated a killcam during a fight against a dragon , but with a really unexpected surprise ?

But not only that: the fights in Skyrim lead to some really hilarious moments, such as the one involving a really very unfortunate rabbit .

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