Sniper Elite 5 review. Shooting the Germans in the balls never gets boring

Sniper Elite 5 review. Shooting the Germans in the balls never gets boring

Sniper Elite 5 came out the other day . This is an action game where a cool sniper will have to wander through picturesque locations and shoot vital organs of German soldiers. But is it fun to do it for the fifth time? I passed the novelty and I hasten to share my impressions!

What is Sniper Elite 5?
The Sniper Elite series has been out since 2005, and since then the basic concept has not changed much. With each new part, the visual became more and more beautiful, the levels became more elaborate, and the number of possibilities increased. Rebellion honed its skills and increased its budget, but in essence it was doing the same thing every time.

In Sniper Elite 5, the approach has not changed. The hero sets off on a large map, on which additional and main tasks are scattered, and hundreds of Germans are patrolling the area. How to complete the mission is up to you.

You can run around with a machine gun and take out everyone noisily. Or climb the bushes and quietly strangle the villains. Or sit on a high tower and shoot enemies with a sniper rifle, masking the shots behind the roar of a flying plane. There are many options, because we are talking about a sandbox where you can have fun as you please – no one persuades you to act covertly or use a sniper rifle.

The trick is that the developers again implemented the mechanics at the proper level. The locations are delightfully beautiful, blowing heads in slow motion X-Ray does not tire you until the very end, and from now on, not only bots, but also live players get in the way. It’s not enough to turn Sniper Elite 5 into a masterpiece, but it’s fun to spend time in the novelty.

The authors of Sniper Elite never forgot about the plot, but it cannot be called adequate – rather, it is needed to justify Carl’s travels to different points. For example, in a worthy fourth part , a sniper arrived in Italy, where, together with the resistance, led by a sultry beauty, he fought for the freedom of the state. In the fifth part, a similar thing happens – only Italy was replaced by France, and the seductive lady charmingly burrs.

Sniper Elite 5 takes place in the late stages of World War II, when Germany has lost its advantage and is rapidly retreating. However, the hero understands that “a cornered beast is the most dangerous thing.” It is known that the Germans started something terrible – while the mysterious plans are about to be realized, and then Hitler’s henchmen will definitely defeat everyone.

As a result, the resistance and Karl are divided into two groups. The sniper must find out the details of the sinister plan, eliminate the villain behind them, kill the enemies, undermine dozens of military facilities and finally break the aggressors. The resistance, meanwhile, will give parting words to the hero and occasionally scout the area. Everything is honest.

It is curious that the authors diluted the passage with many cutscenes – there are clearly more of them than in the last part. The videos are still poorly staged and uninformative, but they are pleasant to watch. It feels like a 1990s B-movie in front of your eyes – there is an inexplicable charm in the absurdity of those pictures.

However, it is unlikely that someone will go through Sniper Elite 5 for the sake of the plot. The authors have always relied on the gameplay, and everything is in order with it in the new product.

The story campaign of Sniper Elite 5 consists of eight tasks of different scale. Carl lands on the map and must deal with the assignment: kill an important officer, blow up an object, get priceless documents, and so on.

Plus, side quests are thrown to the sniper along the way. Have you noticed the fortifications protecting the shore? Why not blow them up. Did you find the stolen art? Let’s bring them back to the resistance. Is there a villain roaming the captured palace? Finish off the reptile – it will be great if a chandelier falls on him. Solving problems like this is fun.

A rich arsenal helps to cope with assignments. Initially, Karl only has a couple of rifles, machine guns, pistols and consumables like mines and grenades, but over time the set will replenish. As you progress, the hero will open up new barrels and modifications – as a result, even the starting rifle will be able to be upgraded beyond recognition, adding new sights, a stock, a silencer, and so on.

In addition, Karl willingly uses different cartridges. Neither a helmet nor shelter will protect against armor-piercing shells, non-lethal ones will knock out the target, and subsonic ones will not let enemies hear the shot. Everyone has to use it: for example, subsonic cartridges will help out in a difficult situation, because the standard roar is such that a crowd will run to it.

There are plenty of such chips – thanks to them, helping the resistance is fun. Even the banal task of breaking into a guarded house can be solved in a dozen ways. Shoot everyone with a machine gun. Kill patrolmen with a pistol with a silencer. Mine the Fritz’s body and undermine the patrol that came to the rescue. Get to the right place in a quiet way, climbing through the bushes and climbing the buildings.

In the end, do not forget that Carl Fairbairn is a sniper. This weapon is the most fun to use. There is nothing cooler than climbing to a height, marking opponents, aiming and effectively shooting everyone.


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