Sniper Elite 5 | Review – A sniper hunting Nazis

Sniper Elite 5 | Review – A sniper hunting Nazis

Five years after the release of the last chapter , Rebellion is back with Sniper Elite 5 , a title out next May 26 for PC, PS4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X. The game will also be included, from day one, also in the Xbox Game Pass catalog , which will please all owners of the Microsoft service.

Once again we will find ourselves taking on the role of Karl Fairburne, an American undercover agent of German origin who, after the campaign in Italy seen in the fourth chapter, will find himself having to foil new dangerous plans of the Nazis in France.

Those of you who have already played the previous chapters will find a familiar game structure, but the news is not lacking in this fifth episode, which we are going to analyze immediately.

The focus of the title is, as always, its full-bodied campaign, which will see our Karl Fairburne on a journey through France at the time of the Second World War to thwart a fearsome plan devised by the usual evil Nazi hierarch.

The fearsome Kraken project , in fact, risks endangering the United States of America itself, also leading to the defeat of the Allies. Only our super-agent can hope to stop the plans of the Nazi war machine in time.

The story certainly does not shine with originality and proposes a plot similar to the previous titles, but on the other hand the narration is not the focus of Sniper Elite 5 (already available for purchase on Amazon ), which uses the excuse of very secret and super-monitored projects to enter on stage our protagonist in much broader and more structured levels than in the past.

The campaign will in fact consist of 9 levels in total , even if the last one will be more a short epilogue to the events. Each level will be structured as a kind of small sandbox: there will be our main mission to carry out, sometimes even more than one, to which will be added a target to be eliminated and several secondary objectives, as well as various collectibles scattered around the map.

The interesting thing is that we will not have an established path to complete the missions , whether main or secondary, but we will be able to choose between different approaches and solutions. Sometimes it will be the game itself that offers us different alternatives for completing a mission.

Even when it comes to killing a target we will be able to choose whether to simply hit it with the sniper rifle from a distance, shoot it at close range or even engage in a melee, or we will always also have the opportunity to face a special challenge in which we will have to take advantage of the environment to eliminate our target , a bit like it happens in the Hitman series .

The Rebellion stealth game, however, does not have all the variety and environmental interactions of the titles dedicated to Agent 47 and, even if it will probably not be enough to complete a level once to see everything, in two, maximum three runs , there will be no more surprises . From this point of view, Sniper Elite 5 could be defined as a bit of a ” Rosewater Hitman” , with very little environmental interactivity even in the objectives not strictly linked to the elimination of a target, which therefore reduces the possible approaches. .

In addition to this, even the objectives, especially the secondary ones, do not stand out for their originality and some are repeated in a similar or equal way at various levels ; for example, more than once we will find ourselves destroying Nazi radio antennas or sabotaging military structures by overloading valves.

A real shame, given that the level design is quite well done , but it is not very used due to the lack of freedom of approach.

The gameplay of Sniper Elite 5 takes up the dynamics of previous titles trying to improve them in several aspects. At the base we are faced with a third-person shooter with important stealth elements and a particular focus on sniper weapons. In fact, the rifles are well managed , with different customization options thanks to which we can choose the type of sight, the silencer, the stability of the weapon and many other values, so as to adapt to every single situation.

Obviously, the flagship of the series could not be missing, that is the X-ray killcam , which for every successful sniping shows us the destructive effects of our bullet on the unfortunate Nazi on duty. In this fifth incarnation of the title, the killcam is even more detailed and spectacular.

Since this is a game devoted more to stealth action , we will have to hit mainly from a distance with our trusty sniper rifle, but trying to cover the noise of the shot with other noises or taking advantage of the distractions we provoke.

The enemies, in fact, will be alarmed very easily and in the game there is no silencer able to completely muffle the noise of a weapon, so it will always be better to hit from large distances to avoid being identified, or to assassinate the enemies in close combat. so as to avoid noises. In this case we can also opt to hide the corpses in crates, so as not to alert other patrols, or to attach a grenade to the lifeless bodies so as to create a trap for the other soldiers.

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