Skull and Bones, the launch could be very close: a clue appears

Skull and Bones, the launch could be very close: a clue appears

After a very long wait, Skull and Bones could finally be ready to launch : a new clue that emerged on the net would in fact suggest that Ubisoft would be ready to reveal further news.

The pirate adventure in the style of Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves (you can play it on Xbox Game Pass, on offer on Amazon ) was in fact announced for release by the end of the fiscal year , but the launch could be even closer than expected.

Recall that Skull and Bones was officially unveiled at E3 2017 and was the protagonist of an extremely troubled development , even causing the restart of the project which, now, seems to be well underway.

In fact, VGC reports that the classification of the title for the Brazilian territory in the Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC versions has been spotted on the net : the news comes after a month ago it was instead the South Korean body to evaluate Skull and Bones , but only on PC.

Ubisoft Singapore’s new pirate adventure would have been officially evaluated on June 14, 2022 and the indication advises against using the game for users under 16 years of age .

It also indicates 2022 as the year of production, thus suggesting that the launch could be expected by the end of this year , thus skipping a 2023 that is becoming more and more crowded with big releases.

It is therefore a very strong clue towards the possible announcement of a definitive launch date, even if it is worth remembering that Ubisoft has not yet wanted to unbalance publicly.

Should further details arrive on this project, which has now been in development for almost 10 years, we will not fail to keep you promptly updated on our pages: in the meantime, we remind you as usual to take the news with due precautions.

SKULL AND BONES rated in Brazil from LeaksAndRumors

In the meantime, the publisher had admitted that it was largely satisfied with the new direction of the title, which, contrary to what was initially planned , puts multiplayer and co-op in the first place .

A few months ago, applications were opened for the free test of the early access version , covered by nondisclosure agreements and where fan feedback was taken seriously.

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