The creator of Silent Hill is tired of confusing his game with the movie

Silent Hill is probably one of the most popular video game franchises, not least because it didn’t appear only in this world. Some feature films have also been produced inspired by the survival horror saga, and for many, it was the first approach with the Konami franchise.

While Konami is still not clear about what it wants to do with the franchise , because several times it’s ready to relaunch it and then disappear into thin air.

And while they wait, fans create their own remakes of t most loved chapters, thanks to the potential of Unreal Engine 5.

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This situation related to the franchise has generated a lot of doubts, especially among the most distracted. Some ofdistractingrked the reaction of Silent Hill creator Masahiro Ito.

As reported by VG24 / 7, Masahiro Ito responded o all those who confuse the various products of the saga, including video games and films.

As you know, in 2006 a film based on Silent Hill was produced. The film by director Christophe Gans tells a different story from the original, however, while being strongly inspired.

For this reason, many fans occasionally confuse locations and events of the variety us Silent Hill products, and Ito has grown tired of fans who think they know everything.

Many people still claim that the town of the SH1 (not the film but the original game) was inspired by Centralia and they boast the headcanon is the canon. They persistently question me as to my inspiration. This is the reason for this tweet. I just tweeted the truth.

– 伊藤 暢達 / Masahiro Ito (@ adsk4) July 21, 2022

In one of his first tweets on the issue, he explained the difference between the fact that in the two cities of Silent Hill there is snow and ash, therefore a fundamental difference.

For many years, in reality, the creator of Silent Hill has been trying to clarify the many projects related to the franchise but, apparently, there the various misunderstandings.

In the meantime, we are waiting for someone to tell us something about the new regular episode of the videogame saga, but every time it is a hole in the water.

Because the most loved episodes are updated, after many years, ad fans want to know something about the future of the saga as soon as possible.

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