Silent Hill 2 has been updated for years since its release, thanks to the fans

Silent Hill 2 has been updated for years since its release, thanks to the fans

The team behind Silent Hill 2 ‘s incredible Enhanced Edition project recently released a brand new update dedicated to the game.

In the absence of the announcement of a new project related to the saga (which you can buy with fast delivery on Amazon ), the fans were therefore not idle.

So, after the beautiful remake in Unreal Engine 5 of the very first chapter of the Konami horror saga, here comes a new treat from the fans, for the fans .

While waiting for the unofficial confirmations on the next Silent Hill to become official , a new update for the great classic is finally here.

As also reported by DSO Gaming , this update introduces an installation tool (Installer) and a configuration tool (Launcher).

In case you didn’t know, Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is a collection of mods that improve the game in almost every way and make it playable on all modern systems.

This is an indispensable mod for all fans of the second chapter of the saga, so much so that we highly recommend downloading it at this address , and totally free .

Just below, a video of the game following update number 8 (the video contains some spoilers: therefore, if you have not played the game, we advise you not to proceed further).


This new version of Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition introduces customized audio streaming , as well as containing various improvements to FMVs and solving some specific problems in the sound sector.

But that’s not all: the update also modifies the camera of the cut scenes, as well as refines various images in upscaling.

Staying on the subject, the new official Silent Hill should include new endings and animations, but at launch it could be a PS5 exclusive .

But that’s not all: the director of Christophe Gans ‘ 2006 feature film said he wrote a screenplay for another film in the series.

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