Saints Row Proven – Among the gangs of Santo Ileso

Saints Row | Proven – Among the gangs of Santo Ileso

It has been a while since we heard of the Saints Row series , the famous open world action title created by Volition back in 2006.

The fourth and final chapter came out almost ten years ago, in 2013, followed by various DLCs and spin-offs, but from that moment the series was put on standby. This until last year, when a reboot of Saint Row was announced , again by Volition, initially scheduled for February of this year and then moved to August 23, 2022 .

Saints Row has always been considered a GTA -inspired title , but much more over the top, with a focus on humor and exaggeration in general. Just think of the last chapters of the series, where the fights between gangs, at the foundation of the title, were outclassed by alien invasions to be eradicated and superhero powers. The reboot, out on PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC, seems to want to bring the situation back to normal, returning to rely mainly on wars between gangs for control of the city.

Recently, after a preview hands off a few months ago, we had the opportunity to try the new Saints Row for about three hours and we are ready to tell you about our first impressions.

The first thing that catches the eye of the new Saints Row is the personalization system . A short time ago the editor was made available in a standalone version that allowed you to indulge yourself in the creation of your own character and the options are really many for those who want to fiddle: there will even be the possibility of equipping our future protagonist with prostheses for the arms and legs, not to mention scars and other more special customization options.

The tattoos will not be available at first, but the beauty is that we will be able to do several in game, as we unlock new shops.

One thing that surprised us in particular, however, is that the customization options are not limited only to the appearance of our character, but concern everything in his possession . In addition to being able to customize clothing in color and, in some cases, in shape, you can also customize weapons and cars. Saints Row (which you can already pre -order on Amazon in an exclusive edition) seems to really take into consideration the desire of the players to create their own unique style within the game.

Once we have created the future boss of our street gang, we will be catapulted into the first mission of the game.

The story sees us starting our journey as a recruit of Marshall Defense Industries , a military corporation equipped with technologically advanced weapons and with a little crystalline ethics. During our first day of work we will have to face a horde of scoundrels to find and stop the leader of a gang of Santo Ileso , the city where this new Saints Row takes place . This mission will act as a bit of a tutorial and teach us the basics of gameplay.

Once the first mission is over, we will learn more about the life of our character, who shares the house with three roommates. The friendship between the four seems very strong, despite the fact that two of them belong to the renowned gangs of Santo Ileso, but the main problem for the group is to find the money to pay the rent . Thus begins a new mission in which other mechanics will be introduced, especially those related to driving.

From what we have seen, the story does not lack the humor typical of the series , with absurd situations and over the top jokes, but with more muted tones and without the exaggerations that perhaps went too far in the last chapters of the series. The game doesn’t take itself seriously and got us some laughs.

The beginning of the plot seemed a bit too classic to us: a group of friends who decide to create their own gang to dominate the city and free themselves from the domination of their rivals. An incipit that smacks of already seen, but which is in line with the spirit of the old Saints Row . However the story, fun and light as it may be, is not the focus of the experience, which focuses mostly on the gameplay and its open world.

The gameplay of Saints Row is in line with other open world action of the same type. In our hours of testing we were able to evaluate different systems present in the game, including gunplay and car driving. The shootings are typical of a third-person shooter: on our side we had different types of weapons including pistols, shotguns, submachine guns and assault rifles, all selectable via the convenient weapon wheel.

Our test took place on a high-end PC and to control our character we opted for a pad. In this case we noticed a massive presence of auto aim , which reaches a new level of simplification: for example, just press a button to automatically blow up the explosives in the area . Our character, in fact, will shoot alone without even needing to aim. A perhaps excessive simplification, which can still be ignored.


One big lack is that of an adequate roofing system . In fact, we will not be able to hide automatically (or by pressing a button) when we are close to a cover, the only thing allowed will be to lower ourselves so as not to expose ourselves too much, but we will not be able to shoot from behind a cover without coming out into the open.

Furthermore, aiming in these situations is not always accurate and we often happened to shoot against the corner of our cover even though we were aiming at an enemy.

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